Which Prohormone To Use?


What Pro-Hormone is right for Me?


What Pro-Hormone is right for Me?


If you do not know what a Pro-Hormone is, click here.

Pro-hormones come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, and long gone are the days when they were looked down upon by steroid users. Going by the name of 'Designer Steroids', no-one could see just how effective Legal Anabolics could really be. As well as getting exceptionally good gains, people were also staying on the safe side of the law which is always a nice bonus.

But where to start? Epistane, M-drol, Trenavar, Halodrol ...The list goes on.


Please take note that the Pro-Hormones listed in this article are not the entirety of our range and are merely here to help you make a safer decision.


First Time Pro-Hormone User?

It is important to take note that Pro-Hormones all have different strengths and thus have different levels of Hepatoxicity (Liver Toxicity) and overall side effects. Each Pro-Hormone will naturally  effect your testosterone production, some more so than others, so different PCT's (Post Cycle Therapy) will be required.

As a first time user you don't want to be jumping in at the deep end. Some people will absolutely insist on the strongest product on the market, run it for too long and then wonder why they may develop Acne or experience erectile dysfunction amongst others. So let's take this easy, let's train smart and get the most out of what we can use.

German Pharmaceuticals Epistane

Epistane is a great prohormone for beginners, quick to get into the system, explosive gains, minimal side effects (we have had no reported side effects). It can be taken as 1-2 capsules per day for excellent gains. Epi is considered a beginners bulking prohormone with the usual reported gains being 6-8lbs with little or no water retention. If you're looking more for mass then this is the one to go for.

Suggested PCT for this should be Clomadex.

German Pharmaceuticals Halodrol

Halodrol is one of the most versatile prohormones ideal from beginner weight lifters to advanced athletes. The definitive cutting and hardening pro hormone, Halodrol has very little reported side effects (certainly at Pro-Hormones.co.uk we've never had any reports), is very mild on the liver but still gives you the great results you expect from running a pro hormone. As a beginner this should ideally be used if the goal is to lose body fat, although it will be good if used in a bulk you simply get the most out of it in cutting.

The most amazing thing about Halodrol is when taken at 3 caps per day seems to eradicate delayed onset muscle soreness. Probably the most reported positive effect of these prohormones and certainly one I notified when I ran it. 3 Capsules per day was the ideal amount for being able to get good consistent strength gains, increasing in density of your physique and as I said no muscle soreness. For those feeling extremely cautious you could run 2 capsules per day and still get good gains, I personally just feel 3 capsules per day spaced out evenly will guarantee a smile on your face.

Suggested PCT for this should be Clomadex.

For their lack of side effects and extreme versatility, these pro-hormones are without a doubt the most perfect for anyone having their first cycle. 

Intermediate Pro-Hormone Users

These prohormones have a more increased chance of side effects to the beginner prohormones (but as of yet we still have had no reported side effects). The anabolic properties are much more effective allowing for better strength and size gains. This being bared in mind it is more important that you run adequate liver protection and run a good Post Cycle Therapy product.

German Pharmaceuticals Trenavar

German Pharmaceuticals Trenavar is one in the list of prohormones that are currently being cloned from Trenbolone. Trenavar speaks for itself, allowing you to pack on lean muscle mass with no water retention or bloating that are common with other bulking prohormones. Trenavar is versatile in being able to use as a cutting or bulking prohormone.

We recommend using it for cutting, as it promotes vascularity and allows the body to absorb protein at an incredibly efficient rate. Strength gains and muscular density increase a great deal while running Trenavar. Ideal really for those looking to get in shape for the warm weather.

Due to Trenavar being a 19-nor derivative it's liver toxicity is very low. Because of this it can be stacked with other pro-hormones, however we only recommend advanced prohormone users to do such a thing. A popular stack is Trenavar and Epistane for it's amazing cutting effects.

Because Trenavar is a trenbolone based pro-hormone it has an increased chance of shutting down sex drive more than the majority of pro-hormones. Suggested PCT for this should be clomadex.

Advanced Pro-Hormone Users

Advanced Pro-hormones are the pro-hormones which we only recommend to experienced users. People who've used 2 or more of the other compounds recommended here and have experienced how their body reacts to certain compounds. None of these are suitable for a first time cycle. The gains produced by any of these compounds are extreme used in conjunction with a good diet and solid training.

For all these compounds taking milk thistle or cycle shield alongside is a MUST and running an adequate effective PCT. We recommend clomadex for PCT.

German Pharmaceuticals Megatren

Megatren is a blend of Trenavar and Ultradrol – Ultradrol producing the same explosive strength gains to be expected from a superdrol product (with the reduced risk of potential side effects such as water retention) with the hardness, vascularity and dry gains from Trenavar. A strong blend - average gains of 8-12lbs with a low risk of water retention in a 4 week cycle.