Which Pro Hormone is right for me?

A Pro Hormone by definition is a substance that is a pre-cursor to a hormone. Pro Hormones are simply the most anabolic and effective supplements for gaining lean muscular tissue and size. Pro-hormones are pre-cursors to steroids, e.g. Trenavar -> Trenbolone or Halodrol -> Turinabol. 

Pro Hormones are chemical compounds which put the body in a positive nitrogen balance and allow nutrients to be processed much more efficiently. The chemical compounds themselves are basically synthetic forms of testosterone, considering the body produces around 15-20mg of testosterone per week you can only imagine what kind of effects could happen from taking 100mg+ of a Pro Hormone per week. The effects are much quicker than what you can gain as a natural athlete.

Pro Hormones are used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, athletes and anyone else interested in getting the same kind of effects as steroids without the legal implications. This has led to an upsurge in popularity of Pro Hormones over the last 10 years. As such there are many Pro Hormones now on the banned list, although new compounds are continuously coming out and seem to only be getting better as science develops.

Pro Hormones growth and strength promotions tend to be less drastic than black market steroids, however compounds such as M-drol, Androstebol and MegaTren all speak for themselves in terms of results. This line of Pro Hormones in particular all promote gains that have been likened to black market compounds. 

Due to Pro Hormones being precursors to steroids and not as harsh as the original compounds, PHs are typically less severe in terms of side effects. However, adequate liver protection should be taken whilst on cycle in order to minimise risks. We recommend Milk Thistle as a minimum when using methylated compounds, but for best protection Cycle Shield is ideal.

Pro Hormone cycle will usually last 4-6 weeks, afterwards you should follow up your cycle with proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) such as using Clomadex.

PCT is another course of tablets designed to keep estrogen at bay and increase your testosterone production to regulate your hormones back to normal. Prohormones are essentially synthetic testosterone, so superior to your own that your body will slowly start to decrease production of its own, so PCT is vital in order to get your body back in anabolic regularity.