What are Probolics?


So what are probolics?

Probolics are a form of androgenic substance known as andersterone, a compound that actively converts within the body to stanolone, a highly androgenic substance and a direct metabolite of testosterone.

The increase of available testosterone leads to better muscle and strength gain, increased power output, increased libido and an increase in visceral fat loss through an increase in metabolism.

This androgenic substance also has no to very little estrogenic activity, which means very minimal to no chance of experiencing estrogen like side effects such as gynecomastia etc. that may occur due to pro-hormone/steroid cycles.

Probolics are all different forms of this compound, all designed to increase muscle mass, cut fat and aid in the building of dry and lean muscle without the excessive and unwanted side effects. The list of Probolics we stock are:

  • Megadrol XT: An advanced hormonal support also known as 1-DHEA, those on this probolic should expect increased muscle hardness, reduced body fat, enhanced recovery and mild muscle gains. This makes it ideal for anyone cutting or bulking.
  • Episterone: An advanced hormonal support also known as 11-OXO. Those on this probolic should expect dry lean gains alongside an increased libido. A key point with Episterone is its ability to prevent the conversion of cortisol, a key hormone responsible for fat gain in the abdomen and chest. Episterone is ideal for preventing fat gain during bulking, ensuring an effective bulk as well as helping cut visceral body fat on a cut.
  • Trenavol XT: An advanced hormonal support known as R-DHEA, those on this probolic should expect an increase in strength and muscle hardening, bloat reduction. It also has added 7-KETO DHEA to assist with fat loss and the speeding up of metabolism, making it ideal for a cut.
  • Stanodrol: This is a probolic that is a metabolite of naturally occurring testosterone metabolite DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It requires a two-step conversion (via 3b-HSD and 17b-HSD). Those taking stanodrol should expect quite androgenic and not majorly anabolic effects. The positives of this are still plentiful, those taking stanodrol should expect a nice hardening effect, better workout aggression, and a positive effect on libido. As stanodrol is a compound that requires a two step conversion process to testosterone, this means that it is best stacked with other compounds such as trenavar and halodrol to achieve a great dry and hardening effect. 

Q: How do Probolics differ from Pro-hormones?

A: Probolics differ greatly from pro hormones. Pro-hormones, once ingested, convert to an active metabolite of testosterone which over time can cause unwanted estrogenic side effects. Probolics are substances that do not directly form testosterone, rather they increase the androgenic activity within the cells that produce testosterone allowing you to get the most out of your training.

Probolics are also non-methylated and therefore do not require cycle support and can be run for longer cycles without unwanted side effects. It is however worth noting that if you are prone to suppression related effects, you may experience this after prolonged use of Probolics, which should be counteracted with a natural testosterone booster.  

Q: Can I stack a pro-hormone/SARM with a Probolic?

A: Yes you can, in fact taking a pro-hormone and a Probolic will increase the results of your cycle regardless, but can be taken standalone for those who wish, making sure you have adequate care ON and POST cycle.

Q: How long can I run Probolics for?

 A: There have been various studies with inconclusive results on the length of cycle for these newly found anabolic/androgenic compounds, however we would recommend running a 4-8 week cycle on Probolics following the adequate dosages and for those running a longer cycle taking a natural testosterone booster as post cycle regulation.

Q: Should I need PCT like I do with pro-hormones?

A: Not necessarily, however those running longer cycles or prone to estrogenic side effects are advised to run a small cycle PCT and test booster to ensure optimal health of the individual, such as DAA and CLOMADEX.


If you have any questions or queries regarding Pro-Hormones/SARMs/Probolics or all things anabolic and androgenic feel free to get in touch via the contact us link.