Ultimate Shred Stack

Ultimate Shred Stack

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The ultimate fat loss stack 

Introducing the triple threat in helping you burn that stubborn fat.  The Ultimate fat loss stack comprises : 


Pure Labs Turbo cuts

an outstanding thermogenic fat burner designed to ramp up your metabolism and help you burn stubborn fat faster than ever before ! 




German Pharmaceuticals Epistan

Epistan is by far our most popular pro-hormone and absolutely perfect for those who are new to pro-hormones and would like to know much these products can benefit you in your training and improvement.

Those who take EPI can expect an amazing jump in their performance in the coming weeks, during this time you can expect improved ratio of fat loss, strength gain and very minimal side effects for what you will gain from this product.

It is absolutely ideal to take it on either a bulking/cutting cycle, it will enhance your results a lot more for whatever you want to do! 

German Pharmaceuticals TrenX

One of the most popular prohormones ever, fantastic compound for giving the hard dry look and helping to pack on lean muscle mass.  


This stack is perfect for anyone looking to build lean muscle and burn stubborn body fat 


Directions for stack : 

Run for 4 weeks at a dose of : 

2 capsules TrenX daily 

2 capsules Epistan

1 Capsule turbo cuts daily ( preferably in the morning with food ) 



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