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What is Tren X?


German Pharma Tren X is a carefully designed anabolic, formulated to help you gain lean muscle mass while burning fat at a higher rate.


Why should I use it?


Tren X is a natural anabolic, meaning NO side effects!  That makes it an ideal anabolic to run for a long period of time.


If you’re trying to obtaining a lean and dry look and gain muscle, add Tren X to your arsenal.


You can also use Tren X if you’re running another German Pharma product and want to enhance its effects!


Who should use it?


(Men? Women? Beginners?)


What’s in Tren X and why?


Brassaiopsis Glomerulata (225mg) helps reduce estrogen and increase testosterone.  Fun fact: brassaiopsis glomerulata is actually a shrub! It’s become a popular component of high-performance workout supplements because it contains compounds that typically act as effective inhibitors for aromatase enzymes.


Ashwagandha (225mg) is an ancient medicinal herb which has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle mass and strength, and can aid the reduction of cortisol levels.


3,3’-Diindolylmethane (55mg), or DIM for short, helps to prevent “bad” estrogen pathways and strengthen the “good” estrogens and testosterone.



  • 4
    Product review

    Posted by Richard on 12th Nov 2019

    Good product just confused that ingrediants shown online don't match the product sent

  • 4
    Tren x

    Posted by James on 30th May 2019

    On this for about 2 and half weeks training twice a day now strength good appetite high great product

  • 5
    Obvious gains with few sides

    Posted by Simon Winn-Smith on 2nd May 2019

    I've taken two bottles of this now, dosing twice daily typically. Obvious gains in strength and muscle size are to be seen and I'm not an easy gainer so it's impressive. I pair it with Stanodrol to boost strength and prevent the libido loss that is a side effect of pro hormones (that's the part they don't tell you). Even better taken with Proviron, but that is a drug so harder to buy.

  • 5
    Number 1

    Posted by Alessandro Giovanrosa on 28th Jan 2019

    The best ph that i ever try

  • 4

    Posted by Tom on 8th Jan 2019

    Better then I thought I felt strong while working out especially during bench press superset it with machine flyes

  • 5
    First cycle

    Posted by John on 28th Sep 2018

    I did some recerch online and all you read is the negative side of prohormones. So I thought I’ll just go for it with a open mind. It for me was a positive cycle, strength, size, labido, muscle hardness all good. No sides that I noticed. So I’ve got to give this product a thumbs up.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Aug 2018

    Almost 3 weeks in at 3 caps a day and the gains are impressive, highly recommend

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jun 2018

    This product is one of the best prohormones available, great strength and vascular it, highly recommended

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2018

    Anybody know if this can cause Gyno?

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