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German Pharmaceuticals RAD140 (Testolone) - 5mg

What is RAD-140 and what does it do?

RAD 140, which aids protein synthesis and androgen activity.  It’s commonly used to help increase strength and endurance, making it perfect for performance-based users. Aesthetically-minded users may want to stack RAD-140 with another compound.

RAD-140 has a 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio compared to testosterone’s 100:100.  This means that while RAD-140 is nearly as anabolic as testosterone, it’s nowhere near as androgenic.  That’s a good thing because most of the side effects from [supplementing?] testosterone are a result of its androgenic effects.

RAD-140 has also been shown to have a greater anabolic effect than testosterone with a lower androgenic effect, resulting in greater muscle gains but fewer side effects.  When combined with testosterone, RAD-140 amplifies testosterone’s anabolic effects and reduces its androgenic effects. This indicates that RAD-140 can make testosterone more effective at muscle building while making it less likely to cause unwanted side effects, such as prostate enlargement.


Interestingly, RAD-140 has also been studied for its neuroprotective effects and there are indications that it could prevent brain and nerve cell death and injury.  It’s being considered as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases.

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German Pharma

7 Reviews

  • Posted by j west on 11th Mar 2020


    Rad 140

    I will be honest here. Its not bad. Felt my strength go up not loads but enough on a few lifts to think OK something is kicking in. Skin does feel tighter around my arms for sure and felt more pumped up when waking up. No issues with it and ran it's on 3 tablets a day have bought it again.

  • Posted by Phil on 13th Nov 2019



    Fantastic performance enhancer. Increased strength, muscle fullness and energy/endurance. And no noticeable water retention with this unlike with something like LGD and MK677.
    At 82kg I like to run this at 15mg and want to try 20mg but a bottle only last 2 weeks when you up the dose. That’s my only negative about the product.

    Easy to order and fast delivery.

  • Posted by AB on 26th Aug 2019



    This might be my favorite product ever. The physical results are a little slow to kick in, maybe 2 weeks, but the mood enhancement is amazing. I feel great. Better than any anti-depressant I've ever taken. Plus you can take it with an anti-depressant and it doesn't interact. Oh, and big strength increases for a SARM, which is nice.

  • Posted by Conrad on 28th Apr 2019


    Great product

    I’ve stacked this with LGD and now in week three noticing some good gains as well as fast recovery between exercises and sets.
    It’s safe and I can say the the only noticeable side affect is a slight rush about an hour after taken them.
    RAD140 plus LGD twice a day....good stack, good gains!

  • Posted by Mark on 26th Apr 2019



    Size and strength gains are achieved with this product. Benching 140kg for 6 to 8 reps, aged 54 yrs old. Enough said.

  • Posted by Carlos on 20th Jul 2018


    Working the best for me

    I have used some prohormones and s.a.r.m.s before with some kind of side effects as cholesterol or gyno synthoms but it didnt happen with rad 140. May be you could need a prolactin blocker as B6. It increased my streght a lot from the first day. Really good pumps and got some lean pounds. VERY GOOD PRODUCT.

  • Posted by Marko Domazet on 23rd Jul 2017


    vey good

    noticable strrngth increase, but endurance is really great

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