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Clomadex is not only one of the most advanced post-cycle therapy products available, but it is also a state of the art complete hormone modulation unit. Clomadex helps to decrease estrogen, raise free testosterone, control cortisol and boost sexual performance. A perfect compliment for any PCT cycle or for those who simply wish to raise their natural testosterone levels. If you have had experience with pro-hormones, S.A.R.M.S or anabolic steroids and feel side effects even after completing your cycle (eg. lethargy, acne, high blood pressure, etc) a PCT might just be what you need. For anyone running any non-natural hormonal compounds a PCT must be taken into account in order to get everything back to normal and keep side effects to a minimum whilst maintaining results.

Who should take it?

We do only advise clomadex to men due to affinity to reduce estrogen and inhibit natural testosterone uptake.

How to take it?  

For the cases of post cycle therapy, an approximate and effective use of clomadex would be 2 a day, best split in the morning and before bed.

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Pure Labs

6 Reviews

  • Posted by Benjamin Callow on 24th Jun 2020



    Great product, kept the gains I made after a course of epistan.

  • Posted by Waseem Nabi on 26th Jul 2019


    Clomadex PCT Review

    After taking various PCT's over the years, none really have worked which would help me keep some of my gains. However I tried Clomadex and it definitely has worked for me. I still feel the 'pump' and size lost has been minimal. I would 100% recommend this product

  • Posted by Alessandro Giovanrosa on 28th Jan 2019




  • Posted by Mr PA on 11th Dec 2017


    Great OTC PCT

    A very effective pct and overall test booster. Nice ingredients with the addition of fadogia that has proven to be a natural hcg. You can feel it working and restoring test and libido within a couple of days. If you add some daa next to this product I really think you've got yourself covered after s.a.r.m.s and short cycles of prohormones. For strong aas or long cycles I would recommend using it with a serm. Thank you guys for such great supplements and for the good costumer service.

  • Posted by Unknown on 12th Sep 2015


    Awesome product!

    Great estrogen lowering agent!!!

  • Posted by kevin on 12th Jun 2015


    Man Boobs!

    I bought Clomadex as part of a recommended beginners stack. No probs here but even after a week I find that the testy seems to yoyo. I'm expecting this to settle but haven't seen any heightened libido during this time but I did whilst taking Epistane :-)

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