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Osta Max 

This was by far our most popular product and will continue to be! Osta Max provides plenty of great results for any users based on its adaptability for producing top results. Regardless of whether you want to add strength/cut fat or even recover from an injury.

Osta Max helps to regulate the amount of activity that take place in your muscle cell responsible for nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

Most users of Osta Max will see noticeable results within a couple of weeks and should expect noticeable fat loss, strength increases and better optimised recovery as this product was originally developed for treating osteoporosis before its true potential as a compound to enhance training performance!

Osta Max or should yield great results with an average 6 weeks cycle of 20mg per day expect results enhanced that coincide with your goals and make sure to eat right and train towards your goals.

How to Take Osta Max

German Pharma have decided to keep things well dosed with this like their Old Osta10 Formula with results being seen from as little as 10mg per day which would give you a 90 day cycle!

Advanced users however may run up to 30mg per day for a 30 day cycle for maximum gains in a short period!

What to expect from Osta Max

On average a 45 day cycle is the most effective way to take Osta Max, users will expect the following;  

  • Massive increases in recovery effectiveness

  • Increased rates of fat loss

  • Better muscle definition and hardening

  • Noticeable increases in strength

Who should take Osta Max

Osta Max is great for beginners but can also be used for increasing size and strength of in conjunction with an after prohormone post cycle therapy.

Osta Max should be used by Men and Women over the age of 21, although we do advise that women keep to a low dosage of 10mg during their cycle.

Do I need to take anything else with Osta Max

We always recommend an on cycle supplement to take although milk thistle will be sufficient,even though Osta Max is not methylated it is always wise to take an on cycle supplement to decrease the risks of side effects.  






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German Pharma

36 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael Mealor on 22nd Aug 2020


    Great product

    I love this product. This is my third cycle running this and I call them my happy pills. Heightens mood and other than that no other side effects apart from building a good amount of muscle at the gym. I dose at 30mg a day and this seems to be the sweet spot for an 8 week cycle followed by an over the counter pct. Running this with Epistane this time so do have sides from that but didn't have any before. Highly recommend for a first time sarm cycle.

  • Posted by Mark knowles on 9th Jul 2020



    Used German pharma ostamax lots of times and it’s one of the best .Used sarms for many years and used brands that don’t work or aren’t sarms .This defo does .Increased strength even in a cut and for me increased well-being..No side effects .This and EA my go to sarms

  • Posted by Jonny carter on 26th Jun 2020



    In to my 1st week of running this cycle all good so far....

  • Posted by Andrew Bradford on 8th Jun 2020


    Osta max

    Good strong product, see results pretty quickly. Always fast delivery

  • Posted by Matte on 26th May 2020


    Osta Max

    This is the second time i use Osta,

    I can feel it work only hours after u take it,
    The pumps are crazy , and after about 5-7 days i felt stronger,

    I feel great when i cycle osta,

  • Posted by Tieven on 6th May 2020



    Decent results, but they did give me quite a reaction and I needed to get hold of a proper PCT (clomid) as the natural/herbal PCT didn’t help. I’ll definitely purchase again, but run it alongside a proper PCT during and after

  • Posted by Craig on 2nd Mar 2020



    Had a few knee surgeries over the past few years and I'm struggling to keep hold of muscle of the affected leg. Currently training for a triathlon and I'm struggling with injuries. Bought this to see if it helps speed up recovery. So far so good. Going to up to 30mg for the last 2 weeks. Only side effects I've had from this is minor stomach problems but nothing too serious. Sex drive as been slightly lower than usual aswell. If your a body builder looking for massive growth then take something stronger but if yo
    ur a athlete looking for the edge then this may be for you

  • Posted by Rafael on 25th Feb 2020



    Great product, not only did I retain muscle while cutting but I had a huge strength increase in almost all lifts, especially bench in particular. Great First Experience with not only OSTA-MAX by German Pharma but Pro-Hormones UK as well! Cheers, looking forward to the next cycle!!!

  • Posted by Review 2 on 15th Aug 2019


    Review 2

    Took it between jan-march, than did 30 days in april-may.
    Got pump and just filled out a little.
    The real result came after the summer , where I used the ultimate PCT. I got down from about 107 kg to 92.
    Looked better off "cycle" than on.
    - Lethargy
    Overall 10/10 if combined with PCT.

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