Chemical Name(s):

Chemical Formula: C18H26O2
Molecular Weight: 274
Q Qatio: NA
Anabolic #: NA
Androgenic #: NA
Oral Bioavailability: Estimated at 4%
AR Binding Affinity: NA
SHBG Binding Affinity: NA
Half Life: ~9 hours
Legal Status (US): Not listed as a controlled substance

Average Dose:
300-600mg/day standalone
200-300mg/day when stacked

Average Cycle Length: 4-6 weeks

norDHEA is a non-methylated (non-17aa) pro-steroid. (naturally occurring in trace amounts in humans).

norDHEA can convert to the illegal anabolic steroid nandrolone by converting to norandrostenediol/norandrostenedione, and then to nandrolone. Nandrolone is known to have stronger anabolic effects than testosterone, yet weaker androgenic effects.
norDHEA will aromatize to estrogen less than regular DHEA, but because it is a nor compound it lacks strong androgenic metabolites. For instance, after nandrolone interacts with 5a-reductase, the metabolite dihydronandrolone (DHN) is formed, which is a weaker nor-version of DHT.

Ironically, the lack of estrogen conversion from norDHEA is probably balanced by the lack of androgenic potency and progestational effects, which makes the possibility of bloating and experiencing gyno about as likely as with regular DHEA.

One difference between norDHEA and DHEA that should be considered is the fact that norDHEA will have less androgenic effects, which may pose less risk of androgenic related hair loss and/or acne. This may be a smart choice for some men, and a decent choice for women looking for a moderately anabolic compound without much androgenic effect. (to avoid masculinizing side-effects).

Because of the low bio-availability, high doses must be used to notice gains in lean muscle mass and strength. Even with higher doses, the gains will be mild to moderate. Some bloat should be expected from the estrogenic and progestational effects of the nor-steroids. Because this steroid is non-17aa there should be less concern about it negatively affecting the HDL/LDL ratio.

Like the other DHEA derivatives, norDHEA would be useful in a transdermal application since the enzymes needed for the conversions to more powerful metabolites are concentrated in the skin and absorption through the skin using a good transdermal delivery cream could allow for 5-10x higher absorption than oral.

This compound would stack well with almost any other steroid, except those with progestational activity.

Common Clones:
Decavol by Advanced Muscle Science (AMS)

Anabolic Pharmacology
Seth Roberts (2009)