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MK-Ultra is a Growth Hormone Secretagogue.

This means it mimics GH, It works by stimulating the action of liver which in turn helps with secretion of multiple hormones including Growth Hormone & IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1)

How To Take MK-Ultra

German Pharma have upped the strength of MK-Ultra from its predecessor “ MK-677+” packing each capsule with 20mg of Ibutamoren!

MK-Ultra is meant to be ran at 1 capsule daily.

What to expect from MK-Ultra

 After using MK-Ultra you should expect

  • Improved sense of Wellbeing

  • Positive Effects on sleep

  • Increased Bone Density

  • Improve Cognitive function

  • Promote Muscle Growth

  • Increase in Appetite

Who should take MK-Ultra

MK-Ultra is a great product to use whether you are looking to improve your physical performance or improve your overall health.

MK-Ultra should be used by individuals over the age of 21.


Do I need to take anything else with MK-Ultra 

No, The beauty of MK-Ultra is that no on-cycle supplement or post cycle therapy is required.

Extra Information

German Pharma

31 Reviews

  • Posted by Andy on 26th Mar 2020


    Does what it says on the tin

    On my third bottle now and used as part of a stack and PCT and has helped a lot. Helped maintain gains during PCT so will definitely recommend.

  • Posted by DK on 11th Mar 2020


    It's been... interesting.

    I've been using this stuff for less than 2 weeks, but I can already feel the differences. Especially within my shoulders and arms, I can see the size coming in. I don't know if you would consider this a gripe, but the increased hunger is serious...
    Can't wait to see how things will be after a month!

  • Posted by Kabil on 1st Jun 2019



    My first day and it's only 4 hours after taking this in 20mg. I can already feel the hunger and lethargy, so it is quite geniune stuff from the right side effects. I'll let you guys know in a week. ✌

  • Posted by Mark on 26th Apr 2019



    Tried different under and over the counter products, and this by far is the best. The size and strength gain is massive. I have left my training partner behind.

  • Posted by Leigh Jones on 26th Apr 2019



    Great with any stack of s.a.r.m.s

  • Posted by Jon on 24th Apr 2019


    Top quality

    Gained 4/5lb while taking mk677 and dropped 2% body fat over 4 weeks. Strength was significantly better after 2 weeks on the product and feel alot more solid. Looking forward to buying more.

  • Posted by Marcos on 15th Apr 2019


    the best on the market

    German pharmaceutical is synonymous of quality, this stuff is incredible I’m gonna use it for a long time

  • Posted by Robert Zak on 1st Dec 2018



    At first i've tried LGD and YK11 and after 3 weeks my strenght increased by 10kg on bench which was my point of reference, my mass didnt increase by much but ive got proper ripped and vainy which was very satisfying. BUT after LGD ultra and osta max my results went up by another 15-20kg which was a shock and recovery has been increased significantly. Excellent product combined with PCT after and Whey isolate on cycle i cant be any happier! and im 85kg in mass 189cm tall

  • Posted by Joe on 21st Nov 2018



    I did have some bloating, no water retention and I did have some hunger increase. only true side effect I had was increased blood sugar (which is very easy to control) started off taking 10mg for the first 2 weeks I can say I did have impressive recovery, and endurance, 2nd week in on the 10mg I started having amazing size, and mass. I jumped on 20mg for the following 2 weeks and WOW I have never received better results in my life.

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