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The Ultimate Growth Stack

In this Stack you have to choose from any of the sarms below;




Alongside with this our premium Growth Hormone Product;




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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Morgan Gibbs on 23rd Apr 2020


    Packs a punch

    This is a hardcore stack! Boost with creatine and it takes it over the top! I ran at recommended dosses for 8 weeks and people have started to notice and ask how long I’ve been training, where I train etc? There has been some slight joint pain but nothing that some careful management and liver support didn’t sort out.
    Chest has gone up by 2 inch and arms by an inch but it feels like good solid gains not just bloat.

  • Posted by Gregory Pena on 28th Jun 2019


    Healthy fast gains

    This product leaned me out and, allowing me to lose fat and gain muscle. Maintained a my weight around 198. The muscle mass is defiantly noticeable but not being too heavy was important. I'm lifting heavier, looking bigger, and still able to run with no joint issues.

  • Posted by on 31st Jul 2018



    I’m no stranger to PEDs. Thought I’d give SARMs a go between cycles to pass some time and experiment. Honestly expected nothing from them. I’ve been blown away. Some of the best results I’ve seen from anything I’ve ever used. I’m hooked.

  • Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2018



    I’m 51 years old and have purchased hundreds of pro anabolic and test boosters in the past. I weighed in at 14.9 at the start and after 3 weeks I’m 15.5. Did start out with a bit of a headache but after a few days stopped.
    You feel an amazing pump and look muscular not bloated. If you eat strict and avoid binging you will reap the benefits. Overall feel really good zero side effects bar the headache. Not sure which is the magic part the my 677 or the sarm but I would stack and try for yourself. Well done pro hormones.

  • Posted by Prince Green on 12th Sep 2017


    Strength,Injury & Condition

    I am an experienced PT,Sport therapist & Self defence Instructor, I have many years of training,I started the MK677/2866 stack for mainly light injury & recuperation, Firstly you will notice improved sleep,deeper which is so beneficial, secondly my knee issues that are light to moderate from kicking have improved,I train extreme flexibility, my progressive resistance program is varied but scientific, I have noticed a steady stream of power in my lifts,very smooth rep ranges with good strength, as an added bonus I can see a fuller more defined look appearing,I am always lower body fat,but this is getting lower and I definitely can see better mass,I am now a fan of SARMS,I will run this cycle then try another after a small PCT,the order was swift,arrived as promised all was in order,good luck with your training,become whatever you can be
    Prince Green