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What is Megatren?


Megatren is a blend of four key ingredients to help improve athleticism and cognitive functions.  It’s one of the stronger natural anabolic products under the German Pharma range.


Who should use it?


People looking for all-around improvement on their athletic performance should add Megatren to their stack.



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38 Reviews

  • Posted by Sean on 10th Jun 2019


    Mega tren

    Although I did put muscle on I didn’t find this product as strong as I thought it would be. I saw a bit of strength but nothing much and for a PH it didn’t live up to the name. I think I will try Tren X in a few months

  • Posted by Dan on 6th May 2019



    I take one only when I train, which is 5 day a week and my weights have increased quite a bit. Very good no side affects.

  • Posted by Lucas on 3rd May 2019



    Definitely does the job!!! amazing strength gains,pumps and fat loss(even with no clean diet), better than an old version /no water retention ,good stuff

  • Posted by Jon on 23rd Apr 2019



    Didn’t see much in change with my body, maybe a few % in body fat lowered. Not much change in my strength at all. But this product did make me feel a lot better training such as my endurance, I could train heavier weights for much longer than I used to. I didn’t set my hopes high because every pro hormone works differently with other people.

  • Posted by Marcos on 15th Apr 2019



    Second time using mega tren , one more week on , muscle quality is amazing , this stuff putt the water on the right places and make u look great and shredded

  • Posted by Mass on 7th Apr 2019



    Excellent product, gained notable size and strength increased even now at 46 and didn't feel any side effects so highly recommend

  • Posted by Antonio Sarra on 20th Feb 2019



    The top

  • Posted by Leroy on 31st Jan 2019


    Muscle builder

    Great product, works fast and you see noticeable gains.

  • Posted by Harley on 7th Dec 2018


    Megatren review log day1

    Hey done a few cycles in my life and though it would be a good idea to give megatren ago started by doing one tab at 8am and 1 tab at 4pm Before workout just started on 6th of December quick delivery and excellent service current stats 84kg 5.9ft body fat 16% max bench press 115kg 3 reps consuming 2200 cals aday will repost with results after 4 weeks