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What is Megatren?


Megatren is a blend of four key ingredients to help improve athleticism and cognitive functions.  It’s one of the stronger natural anabolic products under the German Pharma range.


Who should use it?


People looking for all-around improvement on their athletic performance should add Megatren to their stack.


What’s in Megatren and why?


Brassaiopsis Glomerulata (150mg) helps reduce estrogen and increase testosterone.  Fun fact: brassaiopsis glomerulata is actually a shrub! It’s become a popular component of high-performance workout supplements because it contains compounds that typically act as effective inhibitors for aromatase enzymes.


Boron citrate (100mg yielding 3mg boron) is used for building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving cognition and muscle coordination.


Indole-3-carbinol (50mg) balances hormone levels, improves breast health, detoxifies the intestines and liver, and supports the immune system.


Laxopep (laxogenin) (25mg) increases protein synthesis and decreases protein breakdown, along with improving nitrogen retention.


What is Tren X?

German Pharmaceutical Tren X is an improved formula of anabolic ingredients to give you everything you need to gain lean muscle mass whilst helping to burn fat at a higher rate.

Why people should use it/who should use it?

Tren X is a natural anabolic, meaning NO side effects, this is ideal as individuals can run this product for a long period of time.

Individuals looking on obtaining a lean and dry look as well as gaining muscle should add this to their arsenal.

Other individuals who can use this are those who are currently running another product from German Pharmaceuticals and want to enhance the effects of it further!

Brief overview of the ingredients

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata 225mg - Helps with reducing Estrogen and Increase Testosterone.

Brassaiopsis glomerulata is actually species of tree that has become a popular component for high-performance workout supplements because it contains compounds that act as effective inhibitors for aromatase enzymes (Anti-estrogen)

Ashwagandha 225mg - This ancient medicinal herb has been shown to have benefits in improving; Cardiovascular health, Muscle mass and strength as well as aiding in reducing Cortisol levels and much more.

3,3’-Diindolylmethane 55mg - DIM (for short) is an ingredient that helps with preventing the “bad” estrogen pathways and strengthens the “good” estrogens and testosterone.


Extra Information

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9 Reviews

  • Posted by Wemerson Melo on 1st Jun 2020


    Good experience

    First cycle I start to see good improvement.

  • Posted by Milan on 25th Jan 2019


    Top supplement

    Higgly recommended. You must try to find out its real benefits. I cant see any side effects

  • Posted by Milan on 25th Jan 2019


    Top supplement

    Higgly recommended. You must try to find out its real benefits. I cant see any side effects

  • Posted by Morgan Gibbs on 26th Nov 2018


    A power house of a stack

    OK so the first week or so it's like...... Ummmmm am I really getting anything from this?
    And then bang the pounds just pile on!
    I have noticed some fluid retention in my chest so a good pct is recommended.
    I am using clomadex throughout the cycle.
    Some workout aggression is also apparent but not excessive.

  • Posted by Kevin on 17th Jul 2018


    Epi tren stack

    Both very good products as you do get results fairly quickly if you put the work in only downside is after the 3rd week start to feel shutdown and get some serious aches but overall good product.

  • Posted by Dj Kawewehi on 18th May 2018


    Must have

    This is a great ph stack. Especailly if your new to ph. I live and die by epistane. Ive gain a nice 10lbs of lean dry muscle. Strength went up! Muscles became more dense and hard! And heads kept turning!

  • Posted by Jamison on 18th May 2017


    Great product!

    Just finished up week 3 moving on to week 4. Started at 180 pounds now at 192. I have not had any bad sides yet I sleep fine. My friend have wondered what I did to get the results so fast lol. I didn't know my body had so many veins running though it. I will be taking for 6 weeks can't wait to see the end product! Keep in mind I'm on test therapy so that probably helps with sides and the gains.

  • Posted by ruben gonzalez rodriguez on 18th May 2017



    This amazing this duo!! i have dry and hard gainer!! its a boomb

  • Posted by Chris Brimble on 11th May 2017


    Great Stack

    Have just completed 8 weeks (two packs) of this stack, great size , strength and definition gains. Strength increase from the beginning of week two, size progressively increased from the end of week two right through to week 8. Had loads of positive comments from those who do train and those who don't. No back pumps or bloating, no estro issues at all which can be a problem for me. I did have some dry burn pain at the end of very heavy sets. Up your fluid intake as I found I needed to so as to keep things flushed out. All in all I highly recommend this stack at any time but especially at the beginning of and through summer.

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