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We’re excited to introduce the Mega Mass Cycle, a brand new stack exclusive to  It’s an all-around perfect mass gain bulking cycle, carefully put together to help you achieve your best ever gains while protecting your health.


What’s in the Cycle:


German Pharma LGD-Ultra


Our best-selling S.A.R.M LGD-Ultra is ideal for packing on mass with minimal side effects.  Run on doses of 8mg daily, you can expect your muscle and strength gains to go through the roof in a short span of time.  


Expect anabolic gains of 7-10 pounds over the course of the cycle with very little water retention.  LGD-Ultra is our #1 S.A.R.M for muscle mass and strength for a reason!


German Pharma RAD-140 


Pure Labs Creatine


Creatine complements this stack perfectly by offering both lactic acid buffering and increased ATP to drive strength forward.  It’s the most researched compound on the planet for increasing muscle size and strength and is the perfect addition to this bulking stack.


Pure Labs Cycle Shield


Some prohormones can negatively affect your liver, circulation and cholesterol levels, so take Cycle Shield alongside your stack to help keep yourself safe from potential damage.


Pure Labs Clomadex


The perfect post-cycle therapy solution, Clomadex should be taken following your cycle to help your hormones normalise while keeping your gains.




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