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If your aim is to decrease body fat and see an increase in lean muscle mass, then the mega cutting cycle is just the thing you need to get on track with flying results.


Included in the Mega Cutting Cycle is a combination of two German Pharma prohormones that are notorious for their lean muscle increases and fat burning mechanics; you cannot go wrong with the synergy of these two carefully chosen formulas. For an extra kick, a fat burner is added to take weight loss to the extreme! This stack is secured with an on cycle support, and a post cycle therapy, to ensure no long term damage is sustained and your hormone levels balance naturally upon completion, helping you get the best out of your cycle.

Epistan & CardioMax

Our #1 selling prohormone for bolstering lean muscle mass and strength, meets our perfect prohormone for lean, dry, visible gains. This is the powerful duo of prohormones for fat burning, primal strength, and a super ripped look!


Eden Health Milk Thistle


Looking after your health and protecting your liver is a guideline that should never be overlooked. Running Milk Thistle alongside your prohormones ensures you avoid the potential damage to your liver through the processing of the compounds.


Pure Labs Clomadex

A post cycle therapy (PCT) is an essential part of every steroidal cycle that temporarily alters the hormone levels of the user. To be taken once your cycle has finished, this will balance out hormonal levels to a natural amount at a faster rate, making sure you get to keep the best results from your cycle, and keeping you safe from unwanted side effects of altered hormonal levels.


Pure Labs - T6

In addition to this is Pure Labs T6, a fat burning formula providing a burst of stimulant energy and sustained appetite suppression, while utilising thermogenic properties to get you even closer to that lean look. The perfect fat burner for those who make exercises their centre of focus.


Guidelines for Use


The Mega Cutting Cycle bundle should be run for four weeks, followed by a four week post cycle therapy. Here is your guideline on the order of how to take the cycle:


Weeks 1 - 4 


Pure Labs T6:

Two capsules in the morning.


Epistan, Megatren & Milk Thistle:

Two capsules daily for each; one in the morning, one in the evening.



Weeks 4 - 8 


Post cycle therapy:

Two capsules daily


Remember to have a four week long break from interacting with any other prohormone product after your post cycle therapy to maintain maximised muscle gains.

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  • Posted by Giuseppe on 27th Jun 2020


    Mega cutting cycle

    Good product, drop 7kg I'm looking forward to and the cycle to see how goes