M-Drol XT

M-Drol XT

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What is M-Drol XT?


M-Drol XT is the new and improved version of German Pharmaceuticals M-Drol.  This natural anabolic typically helps increase the user’s muscle mass and strength, confidence and much more.


Why should I use it?  


To help you gain strength and muscle mass.  M-Drol XT is more of the “heavy” side of gaining muscle and strength, so it’s best when stacked with another product from the range to aid in the overall cycle goal.


Who should use it?


Men over 21?


What’s in M-Drol XT and why?


3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran (125mg) increases free testosterone which in turn leads to increased muscle mass, increased bone density, and increased performance both mentally and physically.


Apigenin (35mg) has multiple benefits; the key role it plays in M-Drol XT is preventing the build up of “bad” estrogen.





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    Get BIG fast

    Posted by Ian on 26th Nov 2017

    I stacked this with EPI (20mg/day)and took just 2 tabs a day for 4 weeks (1x 10mg am and 1x 10mg pm) I was eating clean and sticking to 2500cal /day. 4 weeks in and i had gone from 86kg to 93kg gaining 7kg. I decided to stop after week 4 as i felt like shit and was growing too fast! Peope started to comment, "f*** me you been working out?"etc, i grew huge in my chest, shoulders and arms. Unfortunately 1 week in on the Mdrol I felt sick and lethargic.. Back pumps and kidney pain (even though I was on a low dose and taking milk thistle) I couldn't source any routine which has settled this in previous cycles. On cycle there where no other sides other than the tiredness and lethargy (and HUGE gains in size and stregth) Post cycle I'm using Clomodex and DAA. I've lost 2kg so far but maintained strength and most of the size. Side effects of post cycle are pretty bad acne on my shoulders, otherwise all good. I've cycled pro hormones for years and have found nothing that comes close to german pharmaceuticals products. Prepare to get BIG fast if you take the Epi and Mdrol stack!

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    Gainz, gainz, gainz

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2017

    Was on a show prep cut, so severely restricted calories, and was still losing weight and adding muscle by the weekly tests I was measuring. spectacular product!

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    Posted by jimmy marlats on 7th Sep 2017

    A good pro hormone for bulking. I feld a little tired but i took 10kilos clean in my cycle. Thanks to prohormon for this good product

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    It works

    Posted by Negatron on 31st Jul 2016

    I've done two cycles of MDROL and it works. Definitely make sure you have PCT to take afterwards. I wouldn't recommend stacking MDROL with anything else. My only side effects were feeling a little lethargic. Great product.

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    MDROL - Very Satisfactory gains by day 8 !!!!

    Posted by DBO on 18th Apr 2016

    Ordered MDROL on a Wednesday received by Friday morning.Took 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule 6-7 hours later for 7 days(each capsule 10mg).From the Friday till the following tuesday had headaches,didnt feel good,heart would race and beat stronger than usual,checked blood pressure which had gone up every day, got worried so on the monday 3 days after I started taking MDROL decided I had better invest in some on cycle supplements.Went to my local supplents shop and bought the "Rich Piana" Liver and Organ Defender.Gives Protection for Liver,Kidney,Prostate and heart(Lowers Blood Pressure), you have to take 9 capsules every day 3 in the morning ,3 midday and 3 more evening. OK by wednesday / Thursday my headaches and blood pressure had gone down and I felt much better. During this time went to the Gym and did split routine different body parts over 7 days.I Drank litres of water, breakfast I would eat srambled eggs, porridge, lunch half chicken,pasta,salads. evening maybe lamb or a steak, late eve would have more chicken and salad with low calorie cheese or pasta.also Protein shake every day but not too much mainly taken after a workout, did not want to put on too much weight as I weighed 105KG (16st 7lbs) already, I wanted lean muscle and thats exactly what i got !! after 8 days got stronger, pain in my left shoulder went when I use to bench press and now I weighed 110KG (17st 4lbs), no water retention no bloating !! What can I say !! Fantastic result after only 8 days. BUT YOU MUST GET THE ON CYCLE SUPPLEMENTS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION AND do invest in a Blood pressure monitor, I bought the wrist one.

    MDROL recommended

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    Posted by Lukasz Pl on 2nd Sep 2015

    After a week of dosage 2tab day
    Wooow. I see ALL KIND OF GAINS......ALL KINDS

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    Good supplement

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2015

    only on this 4 days an ive gained 2kg and my strength is up. Serious pumps after every workout. Had a headahce every day but dont think im drinkin enough water :)

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    Excellent Product. Buy with confidence from this website

    Posted by Carl on 19th Feb 2015

    This was the first website id ever bought this kind of product from; my order was delivered in a week and nothing bad happened to my credit card.

    M-drol itself is a serious product. I am just coming to the end of week 3 and have gained as much as i felt i would have with six months of creatine and protein - i am amazed.

    You must alter your life style with these products; no drinking. Lots of water. Taurine powder and good diet.

    I would buy this manufacturer and product from this website again with confidence.

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    impressed !!!!

    Posted by lesus on 11th Feb 2015

    Four weeks at 20mg is enough easily finished the cycle now only sides i had was bad headaches during week four

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