M-Drol XT

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M-Drol XT

Gaining size with natural compounds has never been easier with M-Drol by German Pharma. Utilizing some of the most notable natural gaining compounds, M-Drol is designed to bring you massive increases in strength and size, without compromising your health with unwanted side effects.  

M-drol XT contains natural anabolic compounds that bind to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and reduce excess estrogen formation, enabling increased levels of free testosterone, which amplifies muscle-building potential, boosts sexual health and performance. 

M-drol XT is a natural product that will give you an athletic edge, by optimising your hormones for muscle gains and fat shredding. It does this by reducing estrogen production and boosting testosterone. M-drol XT is suitable for men and women.


How to Take M-Drol XT

At one cap per day, you can run a steady cycle of megatren for 8 weeks. For stacking, we recommend pairing with Epi Ultra or Hydroxybol for a completely natural mass gainer and strength stack! 


What to expect from M-Drol XT


. Apigenin, a flavonoid that happens to contain strong anti-cancer properties, is recognised in the bodybuilding communities for its anabolic activity, and pairs with nettle extract in Mdrol to aid towards gaining mass and strength from the cycle. 


. Stinging nettle leaf is a key component in M-Drol for increasing testosterone, as stinging nettle binds to the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) where taking the place of testosterone, allowing for more free testosterone which is then free to roam, contributing to making greater development in lean muscle tissue and strength.


  • Massive increases in recovery effectiveness

  • Increased rates of fat loss

  • Better muscle definition and hardening

  • Noticeable increases in strength



Who should take M-Drol XT

Those with the intent to stack size and serious strength gains should be interested in M-Drol XT, therefore anyone looking to get the best fat burning mechanics for a super lean look should take a look at something like M-Drol XT

M-Drol XT is advised for males only over the age of 21 years.


Do I need to take anything else with M-Drol XT

As M-drol XT is a natural compound, a PCT is not required once you have finished your cycle. In fact, some users supplement M-drol XT alongside their PCT to help retain their gains.


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20 Reviews

  • Posted by Carlos Navarro on 26th Aug 2019



    All I have to say is WOW! If you put in the work, you will definitely see results.

  • Posted by Charles on 22nd Jul 2019


    I just don’t know

    Just finished mine and can’t see much results be honest, in gym 5 times a week, 2 pills a day good food I was on 82 kg and I’m still on 82 kg , looks like it doesn’t work on me , will try a different product from this website and see what happens

  • Posted by Ricky Watkin on 7th May 2019



    Great product will buy again

  • Posted by Nicholas Romano on 10th Feb 2019


    Power and great service

    I've used m-drol before and the results were fantastic, no denying the potency and potential of this prohomone. Gains were solid looking fuller within a week and strength went up considerably... Eat clean and lots of cars I found sides less, lift heavy! The more u put in the gym and diet the better.. It does blow outer compounds out the water!.. The customer service is excellent as I had an issue that was my fault, but they quickly sorted it out..
    I would recommend this site and this product!

  • Posted by Ben on 20th Jan 2019


    Gained and kept.

    Took 2 a day for 30 days, one around 40 minutes before I trained and the second 8 hours after the first. Went from 81kg to 89kg in that time, strength went up substantially as well. Three weeks after the last tablet I weigh 88kg, kept most of the strength just dropped a couple of reps. No side effects, would recommend.

  • Posted by Conrad on 12th Dec 2018


    Two months later, I’ve kept all my gains

    I took two a day one in the morning and one late afternoon.
    I had no side affects at all.
    I could feel a difference after week two and with plenty of energy and strength which allowed me to intensify my workouts the results quickly followed.
    I didn’t gain lots but I’ve kept what I gained (two months on and it’s still all there).
    Keep working hard and eating well and you won’t lose a pound after cycle and PCT.
    I will be using this product again and will gain some more.

  • Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2018


    Still the same good old mdrol

    Great product been able to gain 10lbs and strength increased within 2.5 weeks. Ordered 3 bottles using 3 pills a day.

  • Posted by Michael D. on 11th Jul 2018


    Caution: Very Powerful

    I hadn’t done a cycle in about two years so I thought this would help me get off my plateau. I kept a daily log of everything and this is how it went.

    Within an hour of taking my first pill I had a massive increase in strength. Veins popping out. I said wow this stuff is crazy. That should have been a red flag for me.

    Over the next couple days I gained almost a pound per day. I was really happy. However, I started to notice some headaches, smaller testicles, had to poop over three times per day, I would sweat a LOT at the gym, less patience, and decreased semen.

    I said to myself, it’s oksy that’s just part of the cycle and everything will balance out when I’m done. Well on day #13 I started noticing my beard hairs falling out. That’s when I said holy f**k I’m done with this. I’m now on my 4th day off and beard is falling right off my face! I counted 14 hairs this morning when I groomed my beard.

    My recommendation is only take one per day or less. This stuff is way too powerful.

  • Posted by Alex on 24th May 2018


    Good lean gainz

    Good lean gains. Went from 73 to 80 in 4 weeks at 20mg ED.
    No water retention, gain only lean mass. Good fellings, muscle feel full all the time, great pumps when i touch weights. No particular side effects, i might say no side appart balls shrinks a bit. Not as strong as i thought. will run it again but at 30mg ED for better results.
    Runned it with Milk Thistle & liv52.