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What does LGD-Ultra do?


LGD-Ultra is German Pharma’s premium bulker for a reason!  It increases androgen receptor activity to increase protein synthesis, while also increasing anabolic cell activity leading to muscle growth, increased size and improved recovery.

What is LGD-Ultra and how does it affect you?


LGD is a clever compound designed to increase Muscle Mass and size 


When LGD attachs themselves to androgen receptors, they boost the cell’s activity beyond what it’s normally capable of. Overall, this leads to better performance from your musculoskeletal tissue.


LGD-Ultra developed to treat muscle wasting and age-related muscle loss.  It creates anabolic activity in the muscles, anti-resorptive and anabolic activity in the bones, and selectivity for muscle and  

LGD-Ultra is considered by many to be the best compound for building muscle size and the reviews we have seen are backing these claims. Many LGD trials were conducted using a small dose, so you’ll be able to see plenty of quality gains at a dose of no more than 12mg.  We do not recommend you exceed that dose.


Who should take LGD-Ultra?


Men over the age of 21.


We do only advise LGD to men due to affinity of strength  ratio with regards to its effects on any individual that supplements therefore women would not be advised to take this compound.


We don’t advise LGD-Ultra for anyone under the age of 21, as it can hinder natural testosterone production and may cause unwanted side effects such as reproductive issues and difficulty returning testosterone back to a normal level.

How do I take LGD-Ultra?  

The research is mixed, but we recommend a daily dose of 4-12mg for most users.  To get the full benefits of LGD-Ultra, you should space doses throughout the day to help the compound stay fully active in your system.

Does LGD-Ultra require Cycle Support?


LGD-Ultra is unmethylated, so studies suggest that it does not require cycle support.  


However, we recommend a gentle cycle support such as Pure Labs Milk Thistle be used for high doses and long cycles.

Does LGD-Ultra require post cycle therapy?

If you run LGD-Ultra for under 6 weeks at 4-8mg (1-2 capsules) a day, a PCT isn’t mandatory.  However, we would recommend following your cycle with a testosterone booster.


If you run a longer or stronger cycle, or stack LGD-Ultra with another compound, we recommend you follow your cycle with an advanced hormonal recovery agent.





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18 Reviews

  • Posted by Rick on 7th Sep 2020


    Lgd great product

    Work very well, i love it.

  • Posted by Mick on 19th Jun 2020



    This product is really good I’m very happy with the results after only using LGD for nearly 3 weeks now, I have a noticeable difference in size and I only workout at home,
    I’ll definitely buy again.

  • Posted by Steve lee on 13th Nov 2019


    Great for weight gain

    It takes about 16 days to kick into your system But then you will feel and look bigger

  • Posted by Conrad on 28th Apr 2019



    This is a safe and good compound.
    I’ve been using LGD stacked with RAD140 and I’m now in week three and can see the difference.
    I have also noticed my recovery time between exercises has shortened considerably.
    Good product great stack.

  • Posted by Great on 19th Jul 2018


    Great gains

    I've not been on the scale but i know my body and ive seen great gains since using this product. Great pump also. I stacked it with ostarine and i gavent bien regular with ou fort. So great product i Will use it again.

  • Posted by S.L. on 19th Mar 2018



    Le S.a.r.m LGD est bien plus puissant que l ostarine pour la prise de masse à 8 mg en 3 semaines + 3kg de muscles je le recommande vivement....

  • Posted by P. Smith on 8th Jan 2018


    Good stuff

    Pleased with my cycle. Been on it for 7 weeks. Final week next week. Glad I’ve done 8 weeks as it has taken some time for the results to show for me personally. Weight went up almost immediately with quality gains. Even though I’ve increased my calories and weight on the scale by 6 kg my six pack is still visible and looks fuller. As are all my other muscles. Like I said results took a while to show - mainly muscle fullness and increased strength, this kicked in around week 5 to 6 for me. Where I’ve been able to increase the weight on the bar.
    There is some water retention with this and painful joints so I decided to stack Ostarine halfway through the cycle to combat this which has worked well and gives me four weeks on osta after I finish LGD which will help lose the excess water and show my gains from the LGD.
    Enjoyed using this stuff and would do again. Perhaps as an in between prohormone cycle.

  • Posted by Marko on 24th May 2017



    increased strenght and size , lean gains , no side effects

  • Posted by Fernando Espinosa Martín on 19th Apr 2017


    Awesome product

    It helped me a lot to gain muscle and strength without getting fat.

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