I want a good product, but I dont want any side effects

Side effects can be a big concern when running any designer anabolic or pro hormone compound. Whilst there are certain precautions you can take to lower the risk of possible side effects, nobody can say for certain what side effects you as an individual will/wont experience from a particular compound. If you do not want to run ANY risk of ANY possible side effects, then a pro hormone cycle may not be for you at this time.

At pro-hormones.co.uk even though our main goal is to bring hard to reach designer supplements to the mass market we also realise some people just want non-hormonal supplements. For that reason we stock a wide range of natural testosterone boosters, proteins, creatines, pre workout products, even cutting edge non-hormonal supplements, such as the PNI or Pure Labs range, with PNI Pure DAA and Pure Labs Testaflex being a few of the bestsellers. These products stacked with either a decent protein supplement such a PNI Pure Protein Advanced (for maintaining or building lean muscle) or the PNI Pure Mass Advanced (which can be used for packing on muscle and gaining good lean weight) or a typical non-hormonal (no side effect) stack would look like this:

Gaining mass –

This can be ran year round as it is non-hormonal but we would recommend just running for 8 weeks, dropping the creatine for 4 weeks and then add that back into your cycle if needed.

Other examples of our bestselling, 100% side effect free supplements are Eden Health’s Alpha Male and German Pharmaceuticals Hydroxybol. Both products will enhance your testosterone levels naturally. And with that enhance in testosterone it will help increase both your recovery and your strength from vigorous workouts of all aspects.