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German Pharma Growth Peptides 

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What is Growth hormone & why do you want to increase it?


Increasing Growth hormone levels in the pituitary gland leads quite quickly to an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat. When Growth hormone is released or increased the hormone stimulates your liver to release another key muscle building hormone called IGF-1.

Multiple factors cause your body to make less and less GH & IGF-1 ( age is the largest factor ) as we get older our bodies produce less and less, being able to stimulate the hormones to increase GH & IGF-1 no matter what age is vital for achieving a lean muscular physique.

How to Increase Growth Hormone levels Naturally


It would be very easy to say, take Growth peptides and your levels will be sky high, but that is not strictly true, like training you need a good diet to go alongside it to get the physique you are looking for. And just like increasing hormone levels there are other things you can do alongside your Growth peptides cycle in order to get the best bang for your buck!

How to Run a Growth peptides cycle.


Each bottle of Growth peptides contains 45 capsules, we recommend 2 capsules daily for 21 days, we recommend 2 capsules at the same time each day (morning is ideal)

You do not need an on cycle support with your Growth peptides, however Fish oils are always a good addition to any cycle, especially if you are increasing your healthy fats (which you should!)

You may also want to consider running a good post cycle such as German Pharma DAA following your 3 week cycle of Growth Peptides

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  • Posted by Steve on 3rd Jan 2020


    Growth Peds

    If takes about 2.5 weeks to kick in but then you will feel bigger and stronger and your weight will start to increase. Work out hard and eat at lest four meals a day. Protein 2.5 X your body weight.