German Pharmaceuticals 6-Oxo - 60 Capsules

German Pharmaceuticals 6-Oxo - 60 Capsules

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German Pharmaceuticals 6-oxo - 60 Capsules

What it does?

6-oxo is an Anti-Estrogen, it works by inhibiting the raised estrogen levels caused by anabolic cycles, anyone who has partaken in a prohormone cycle should take this to ensure full hormonal recovery. 6-oxo works by combatting the conditions that a cycle may cause, this will include reducing estrogen, increasing natural testosterone and lowering cholesterol.

What is it and How does it effect you?

Resurrect as mentioned previously is a Post Cycle Therapy, the ingredients for its functions are listed below;


A metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA, it increases testosterone levels and reduces high levels of estrogen and cortisol. It works by inhibiting androgens in the body from converting into estrogen and because it is a suicide aromatase inhibitor (meaning that it binds to the aromatase enzyme), there is no estrogen rebound once you stop taking it. Best of all, it is a natural compound that is a downstream metabolite of DHEA that exists in the body.

It increases your natural myotropic state which promotes muscle mass, speeds up recovery, decreases fat storage and increases your libido. Unlike other aromatase inhibitors, it won’t give you sore joints from dryness or kill your sexual performance.

Who should take it?

We do only advise 6-oxo to men due to affinity to reduce estrogen and inhibit natural testosterone uptake.

How to take it?  

For the cases of Post Cycle Therapy, an approximate and effective use of 6-oxo would be 2 a day, best split in the morning and before bed.



  • 5
    Potent Estrogen Inhibitor

    Posted by Carlos on 12th Jan 2017

    Like Howard said..
    You get out, what you put in!

    Put in that Hardwork and this it will take you into the next level!

  • 5
    It Works!

    Posted by Howard on 2nd Jun 2016

    Not 'Magic Pixie Dust' - You'll need to exercise too, but if you do, 6 oxo is a real help shedding the pounds

  • 5
    6 oxo

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2016

    Super efficace !!!

  • 5
    6 oxo

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2015


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