German M-Drol XT / Epi stack

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The Perfect Bulking Stack

This stack is perfect for building muscle! 

Back with a BANG the Epi/M-drol stack 

What is included ? 

1 x Bottle German Pharma M-Drol 60 Capsules

1 x Bottle German Pharma Epistan 60 Capsules

Both of the above compounds are perfect if you are looking to pack on LEGIT Mass & Size.  Epistan is known for keeping you Lean and Dry, whilst M-Drol is known for giving INSANE power & Size gains.  

If you are looking to run a Great 4-6 week cycle to enhance your physique then this is it !   

Cycle Instructions;

Take Both M-Drol & Epistan at a dose of 2 Capsules daily for 4 weeks. This will last for 1 cycle. 

The capsules can be taken 1 of each in the morning and 1 of each 6-8 hours later.  


After any cycle is finished it is advised that you take a 4 week break. We advise a solid post cycle therapy.

The products in this stack are linked above, you will find all the relevant information on the products there. 



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German Pharma

11 Reviews

  • Posted by didier guignard on 2nd Jul 2020



    même commentaire que pour EPISTAN

  • Posted by Keith on 9th Aug 2019


    M-Drol Xt and Epi Stack

    This stack works very well. The gains are incredible, both MASS and STRENGTH. Highly recommended. Easy a 5 star bundle.

  • Posted by Gabor on 31st May 2019


    Great stuff

    First couple days head ache but it will gone. Spots on head and back will be developing. Testosterone increase!!!
    Anabolic yes guys will be after week or so.
    I’m faster, stronger :)
    Mood is changing nearly every day.
    Around the stomach not much fat off along diet. Would be great if can be used this stack more than 4 weeks coz the real kick is on 4th weeks. Work hard, eat clean, sleep good and result will come.

  • Posted by on 22nd Oct 2018



    Fast shipping to US. Also getting great strength gains. Highly recommend!

  • Posted by CJ on 27th Sep 2018



    All i can say is wow , this stack is insane. I ordered on the 7th August and it came on the 11th August and since then every time I go gym which unfortunately is not everyday because of work and university, I have been using these products and let me tell you, they work a treat. In just 6 weeks I've put a good amount of size, my strength is insane, my clothes are getting tight especially around the chest, arms and shoulders part (for me chest and shoulders has always been an issue with clothes as I have the wide chest broad shoulders traits) . People at work have been asking me "do I juice up" and make jokes about how big I've gotten( lol) But guys if you are going to buy this stack which believe me i recommend you do, don't think that you're gonna get big over night just from taking this . Whether you're on s.a.r.m.s, pro hormones, steroids (injectable or oral) they're not magic drugs yes they can help you achieve your goal but it's mainly down to you. Because this is a bulking stack, you need to be in a calorie surplus, you also need to train hard too and push yourself, look around and look online for programs . I either do FST-7 or 8X8 (which is 8 reps, 8 sets with 30 second rest periods, would recommend this on arm day)

    Also guys if you are running this, 3 things I recommend
    1- PLEASE make sure to get on cycle support, whether that's NAC or milk thistle, it's so important to protect your liver.
    2- Up your water intake, this is needed especially how it's harsh on the liver
    3- Do cardio, I don't really like doing cardio tbh but 15-30 minutes will do you good , cardio good on the liver, good on the heart

    I only take one of each capsules before i go gym, so 1 capsule of M-Drol and 1 of Epi (I maybe do it wrong) but it's working for me

    Amazing products, defo loving this cycle and haven't had any side effects


  • Posted by Ach paris 94 on 12th Jul 2018


    Serious customer service Fast delivery to France

    Thank you very much for your fast delivery to France and Serious work .

    Livraison très rapide trois jours pour la France service client sérieux y avait un petit bémol un produit qui manquait en stock mais ils m’ont donné un coupon de réduction pour ma prochaine commande .
    Pour le stack que j’ai commandé Je mettrai à jour mon commentaire au milieu de mon cycle Dans deux semaines Pour les résultat.

  • Posted by Mike on 23rd Mar 2018


    Good resultst during low carb dieet

    Nearly finished with this stack and I have to say I'm really happy with the result! I toke it during a low carb dieet and instead of losing weight and muscle I just lost fat. Everybody in the gym is noticing the transformation that I have gone trew in the last few weeks so that is a really good motivator! to everybody who is not sure about this stack, just try and be amazed!

  • Posted by Jaccob Scott Duffey on 23rd Feb 2018


    Yes sir

    Everthing i bought from this site so far. I have seen great results . Jus keep eating good and working out shit works

  • Posted by James Gonzales on 13th Dec 2017



    Been taking for 2 weeks feel great gained about 10 pounds overall strength went up fill it most in my bench and my squat went from 3 reps of 385 lb to 6 reps of 385 lb on bench squatting 405 for multiple sets only drawback I get a little tired in the evenings other than that would definitely recommend going to order more ASAP

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