Fully Loaded Stack.

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The Fully loaded stack is one of our top sellers, and it is easy to see why. You get a mind blowing Full cycle, Full on cycle and Full PCT protocol all at 30% off the RRP!!!

What is the Fully loaded stack? 

The Fully loaded stack is a combination of supplements designed to bring you great muscle gains, improved performance in the gym and improved health and well being following you cycle.  

 Who is the Fully loaded stack for ? 

The Fully loaded stack can be used by healthy males aged 21 and over, who require more strength and improved cardiovasular output when training, as well as improved muscle tone. 

What is included ? 


  • Epistan 
  • CardioMax 
  • Cycle Shield 
  • ClomaDEX
  • TestaFLEX 

All of the above are FULL bottles, no half measures!  

 This is a killer stack for making serious improvements in the gym, and with a whopping 30% off RRP price, it is a great deal.  

How to take the Fully loaded stack 

 We have put together what we believe to be the best way to take the fully loaded stack in order to maximize results.  

 Weeks 1 - 4 


Morning Protocol

Take 1 Capsule Epistan 

Take 2 Capsule CardioMax 

Take 2 Capsules Cycle Shield 


Evening Protocol 

Take 1 Capsule Epistan 

Take 2 Capsules Cycle Shield 


Weeks 4-8 


Morning Protocol 

Take 2 Capsules Clomadex 

Take 4 Capsules TestaFlex 


Evening Protocol 

Take 2 Capsules Clomadex 

Take 4 Capsules TestaFlex 

 Once you have finished your fully loaded cycle it is recommend to have 4 weeks off before undertaking another cycle 


 Important Information 
CardioMax whilst it is free of caffeine, does contain theobromine alkaloids, this can increase Vo2 Max and increase heart rate, for this reason we recommend it is taken in the morning on training days, or 2 capsules can be taken 20-30 minutes pre exercise 



Extra Information

German Pharma

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Don on 5th Jun 2018


    Fully loaded stack with epi and megatren

    I was looking to gain strength and mass and this product worked very well. I started at 185lb 15% body fat at the end of cycle I'm at 202lb with 13% body fat. Ive gained noticable size all around. The only con I noticed was a slight drop in libido. I would order this stack again. When using these products make sure you keep up with your water intake.

  • Posted by Matt on 3rd Nov 2017


    Make a stack like this with 2x Trenstane

    Would be perfect, I would order.