Fully Loaded Stack.

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The Fully loaded stack is exactly that, a complete stack to drive your gains through the roof! 

What do you get ? 

2 x ProHormones 

Complete on cycle support 

Clomadex off cycle support 

Pure Labs Testosterone & Joint support formula. 


How to take the Fully loaded stack 


Your 2 Prohormones should be taken together, usually at a dose of 2 capsules daily.  

This is ran for 4 weeks. 

Your on cycle support is also taken for the same 4 weeks. 


Once you have finished your cycle you take : 

Clomadex off cycle support 2 capsules daily 

Pure Labs TestaFlex 2 capsules twice daily


These are taken for a further 4 weeks 





Extra Information

German Pharma

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Don on 5th Jun 2018


    Fully loaded stack with epi and megatren

    I was looking to gain strength and mass and this product worked very well. I started at 185lb 15% body fat at the end of cycle I'm at 202lb with 13% body fat. Ive gained noticable size all around. The only con I noticed was a slight drop in libido. I would order this stack again. When using these products make sure you keep up with your water intake.

  • Posted by Matt on 3rd Nov 2017


    Make a stack like this with 2x Trenstane

    Would be perfect, I would order.