Fully Loaded Bundle V2

Fully Loaded Bundle V2

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The Fully loaded Bundle V2 is exactly that, a complete stack to drive your gains through the roof ! 

What do you get ? 

2 x ProHormones of your choice 

Complete on cycle support 

Clomadex off cycle support 

Pure Labs Testosterone & Joint support formula. 

Hexanite Pre Workout 

Pure Labs Shaker cup !!!


How to take the Fully loaded Bundle V2


M-DrolXT  & MegaTren  should be taken together, usually at a dose of 2 capsules daily.  

This is ran for 4 weeks. 

Your on cycle support is also taken for the same 4 weeks. 


Once you have finished your cycle you take : 

Clomadex off cycle support 2 capsules daily 


Hexanite Pre Workout can be taken 20 mins before you train

Pure Labs TestaFlex 2 capsules twice daily


These are taken for a further 4 weeks 

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