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Pro-hormones come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, and long gone are the days when they were looked down upon by steroid users. Going by the name of 'Designer Steroids', no-one could see just how effective Legal Anabolics could really be. As well as getting exceptionally good gains, people were also staying on the safe side of the law which is always a nice bonus.But with so many choices, where do you start?

It is important to take note that Pro-Hormones all have different strengths and thus have different levels of Hepatoxicity (Liver Toxicity) and overall side effects therefore as a first time user you don't want to be jumping in at the deep end. Some people will absolutely insist on the strongest product on the market, run it for too long and then wonder why they may develop Acne or experience erectile dysfunction amongst others. So let's take this easy, let's train smart and get the most out of what we can use.

EPISTANE - Epistane is a great pro-hormone for beginners for a number of reason such as it absorbs into your system pretty quick and will provide you with an increase in strength and confidence which is often referred to as an alpha male mentality whilst ensuring a minimal risk of potential side effects. Epistane is a much weaker pro-hormone compared to other compounds but with what you lose in terms of strength gains to gain in terms of preventing potential side effects as it carries low liver toxicity, it simply can not aromatise therefore preventing any estrogen related side effects, and it will have little to no effect in regards to any other potential side effect that are linked to pro-hormone use. The average dosage is 40-50mg per day for excellent gains with the usual reported gains being 6-8lbs with little or no water retention.

If I have never ran a pro-hormone cycle, how would I take it?


We are often asked not only what pro-hormone is best to take for cutting or for size & strength, or what on cycle support is best for what pro-hormone and what is an adequate PCT. But the biggest question in which we are asked on a regular basis is how to take a pro-hormone cycle, including the pro-hormone the on cycle support and PCT.

Without over complicating things a typical cycle is recommended to last for no longer than 30 days as the longer you run a cycle for the more likely the potential side effects are to take effect. And 30 days is also long enough for the pro-hormone to get into your system and be able to make a significant change in you physique when added to a good diet and a strong gym routine. With any pro-hormone regardless of how potent it is you are going to want to spread out the dosage. For example when taking


you will have 60 capsules so it is recommended to take 2 capsules space apart for a course of 30 days as previously mentioned. The reason behind spacing the dosage apart without going into too much detail is due to the simple fact of the compounds half life (how long it remains in your system for).

If you were to take a stack of pro-hormones (taking more than one pro-hormone at a time), you will still take them for a period of 30 days and take each serving of each product spaced out throughout the day. So for example if you were to purchase the


, you till take the


at 2 capsule twice per day, and at the same time take


2 capsule twice per day.

An on cycle support is always recommended when taking any pro-hormone as we will explain thoroughly later on. We are often asked if you should take your on cycle support,


for example during PCT, that is perfectly fine as it will help your body recover during PCT in terms of your liver. But we always recommend it is more beneficial to take for the 30 days you are on cycle for as that is when its needed most to help protect and prevent any potential damage in which the pro-hormone may cause. Once again remember to space the servings throughout the day (serving size varies depending upon the product), so using milk thistle as example it will be one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, preferably taken at the same time you have your pro-hormone serving.

Last but not least is PCT, what a PCT is and why it is recommended is thoroughly explained later on. The way in which you will take a PCT is to have it the very next day after completing your pro-hormone cycle (finish pro-hormone on sunday, start PCT on monday for example). Once again your going to want to take one serving, (serving size varies depending upon product so please check serving size on the individual product) twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening for a course of 30 days.


What prohormone or stack would you recommend to gain the most size + strength?


Advanced Pro-hormones or specific stacks of pro-hormones are the pro-hormones which we only recommend to experienced users looking to gain size & strength. Users who have used the compounds recommended here have experienced how their body reacts to certain compounds and therefore are not suitable for a first time cycle. The gains produced by any of these compounds are extreme when used in conjunction with a good diet and solid training.




This is a prohormone designed to increase muscle mass size & strength without harsh side effects. 

Androstebol should be ran by serious experienced Prohormone users looking to gain the most mass and size. 

A PCT should be ran following your Androstebol cycle.  


What pro-hormone or stack would you recommend for cutting weight?


We do a number of 'cutting' compounds but the #1 seller is Epistan.  

Epistan is a versatile compound and can be used for cutting provided you have a good training regime. 

Epistan should be ran for 4-6 weeks at a dose of 2 capsules daily to yield great results 


What are the potential side effects and how do I combat/ prevent them?


Pro-hormones are pre-cursors to steroids and are therefore not as harsh as the original compound itself, pro-hormones carry a lower potential risk of side effects such as; acne, hair loss, loss of sex drive, irregular blood pressure, testicular atrophy, gynocomastia, etc. The potential risk of side effects may decrease when taking pro-hormones over their illegal counterpart, anabolic steroids but in reality they still carry a risk and therefore adequate protection should be taken whilst on cycle in order to minimise the likeliness of the side effects occurring or to minimise the temporary damage in which a pro-hormone may cause.

The potential side effects in which may occur during your pro-hormone cycle are as follows:

Gynocomastia - this is most commonly known as "b*tch tits* or "man boobs" and unlike obese men where this is called by fat storage, in this case it is cased by the feminisation of the male body. This happens when the estrogen receptors in the areola and nipple become oversensitive due to the increase in overall estrogen. This can lead to breast tissue formation behind the nipple which can be felt as a small lump as well as swelling of the areola giving it a smoother softer look. Estrogen levels can also cause other problems, such as libido loss, mass loss and the closing of growth plates. This is why it is important that you DO NOT use pro-hormones before the age of 18, as it can hinder your development.

Prolactin - prolactin levels can be raised by the action of the steroid in the pituitary as it suppresses dopamine production letting prolactin production continue unchecked. This action can manifest as swollen, hard nipples that sometimes will leak a clear fluid.

Liver & Kidney toxicity - Certain pro-hormones are methylated. The reason they are is because the methyl allows them to pass through the organs without breaking down. This makes them a good option on price as a lower dosage is needed they are also much more potent. The negative aspect of this is that in return it damages the liver and kidneys.

Blood pressure - All hormones such as testosterone and estrogen have an effect on blood pressure. It regard to pro-hormones, it is usually the wet compounds that aromatise that increase blood pressure the most. This is due to the contribution of water retention. As more fluid is retained around the body, pressure on the circulatory system is increased causing a vasoconstriction effect. This in turn elevates your blood pressure as more force is needed to pump the blood around your body. Blood pressure is also linked to kidney problems and as explained above, methylated compounds can have a negative effect in this situation. Therefore compounds that are both wet and methylated would be ideal to stay away from if you are worried about this side effect.

Cholesterol – Pro-hormones can negatively affect your lipid profiles, increasing bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowering good cholesterol (HDL). Testosterone is derived from cholesterol after being converted to progesterone. Another critical role of testosterone in this equation is that it enabled HDL to remove excess LDL from the arterial wall and transport it to the liver for disposal. As natural testosterone production has stopped due to external hormone input. The effect on your lipid profiles is obvious.

Prostate - Increasing androgens in the body enlarges the prostate via Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). This can negatively affect your ability to urinate as well as the ability to get an erection. The nerves sitting on either side of the prostate send messages to the penis to initiate erections. The relaxation of the prostate also increases blood flow which affects erection health. A swelling of the prostate delays both the blood flow and the messages reaching the penis.

Now that we know what can happen when using pro-hormones, let us build a foundation of knowledge to help you combat/prevent such side effects stated above from occurring. Ingredients scientifically proven to prevent/ combat such side effects are as follows:

Milk thistle & N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) –they are two of the most proven ingredients regarding liver protection. The Silymarin content extracted from milk thistle has been shown to protect the liver and keep its values in check. Silymarin prevents liver destruction and enhances liver function largely to its ability to inhibit the factors that are responsible for hepatic damage such as free radicals and leukotrienes. It also has the ability to stimulate liver protein synthesis. NAC has also shown to protect and detoxify the liver. It is a building block to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps the body defend against toxicity. Because pro-hormone use can deplete glutathione levels, supplementing with one of its precursors such as NAC helps defend against liver damage.

Saw Palmetto & Nettle Root - The most proven ingredient in regard to prostate health is Saw Palmetto. In studies, it has concluded: "The evidence suggests that Serenoa repens provides mild to moderate improvement in urinary symptoms and flow measures. Serenoa repens produced similar improvement in urinary symptoms and flow compared to finasteride and is associated with fewer adverse treatment events."Nettle interferes with an enzyme that is responsible for conversion of androgens. The high amount of androgens in the body caused from pro-hormone use increases the prostate. Inhibiting the androgens helps keep the prostate healthy. Stinging Nettle Root is also being studied as an anti-inflammatory and a blood pressure regulator in the medical community.

Hawthorne berry & Celery seed -This berry has shown to enlarge the blood vessels, helping to control blood pressure by easing the pressure it takes the heart to transport blood around the body.Celery seed has been shown to treat degeneration diseases of the joints such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. While on cycle and especially on drier compounds, the synovial fluid in the joints is dried up which leads to joint pain.Celery seed can help lubricate the joints, lessening pain. It has also shown to help optimise cholesterol levels.

Red Yeast rice - One popular ingredient in terms of keeping blood lipids andtriglycerides healthy is Red Yeast Rice extract .It contains several compounds collectively known as monacolins, substances known to inhibit cholesterol synthesis.

Aromatise Inhibitors -Most commonly known as anti estrogens, the likes of 6-Bromo, ATD, 6-Oxo and Arimistane. Aromatization is the process of conversion of testosterone to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. An AI controls estrogen by binding to the aromatase enzyme, rendering it inactive. By rendering aromatase inactive testosterone cannot be converted to estrogen and the level of testosterone rises to compensate for the lower level of estrogen.

Mucuna Pruriens & Chlorophytum Borivilianum - These ingredients can be found standardised for L-DOPA content. L-DOPA works by decreasing plasma prolactin levels, namely by stimulating the uptake of this hormone in the periphery.

Is a PCT recommended and why?


During a pro-hormone cycle, the level of androgens within the body drops as an external hormone source is present. To compensate for this drop, your body starts overproducing estrogen to try to balance the hormone levels out. Once the external hormone source is removed (you come to an end of your pro-hormone cycle), your natural testosterone levels are still inhibited while your estrogen levels are still above baseline. Clomid and Nolvadex will reduce the post-cycle estrogen and then stimulate the hypothalamus to regenerate natural testosterone production in the body. This is important as the faster you can bring back your natural testosterone levels, the more of the gains made during the cycle you’ll keep. After all, what is the point in running a pro-hormone unless you keep the majority of the benefits? Upon completion of your pro-hormone cycle a PCT is usually started the day after your last dosage and should be run for a minimum of a 4 week period. Once PCT has finished ideally you want to stay off pro-hormones for the same length of time as you spent on cycle and PCT combined.

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