Epichem SHRED 60 Capsules * USA *

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Epichem SHRED 60 Capsules USA 


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Introducing EPICHEM SHRED.  A Triple SARM Blend to increase Muscle mass and shred bodyfat !! 


Shred contains 3 powerful ingredients 


MK-2866 - Perfect SARM for lean muscle mass, wound healing & increasing protein synthesis 

SR9009 - Brand new compound great for Increasing metabolic rate, improving metabolism & Improves glucose disposal 

GW-505156 - The last compound added to shred, shown to improve stamina & metabolism 


This really is the PERFECT combination to get you Lean & Shredded 




Take 2 capsules daily for 5-6 weeks 

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Bzro on 3rd Jul 2020


    Put the work in.

    .. only been using for few days now and already feeling the effects, during workouts AND general wellbeing that comes along with it. You definitely notice a 'shift ' in how your body seems to utilise energy and other macros.. overall leaving you with a positive mindset , fuller feeling in the targeted muscle and tightness (though this is something I'm looking forward to seeing more as cycle commences) though early stages atm and limited due to home training I can already envisage a greater impact once back in the gym.
    If your macros are on point and your regular with your sessions, this will have you achieving what you aim for.
    I've usedboth carderine and sr9009 before individually and they are very effective in shifting the excess 'stored energy' .
    Only side I've ever noticed was previously on sr9009 - and this was lower back stiffness ( though this is because of history of issues here) seems some may feel drying up in certain areas if had problems there before.,buts that's probably due to individuals.
    Anyways no other issues almost week in. Definitely thumbs up.
    Though shipping is from overseas so expect an extra charge. Takes a little longer to arrive and UPS tracking is not very user friendly. Full credit to prohormones.co though, always available to resolve any issues.

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