Epichem Recomp 60 Capsules * USA *

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Epichem Recomp  60 Capsules * USA *

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Recomp by Epichem now in stock and shipping daily.  


Recomp combines 2 potent SARMS for Maximum muscle building & fat loss.  


MK-2866 ( otherwise known as Ostarine ) is the #1 SARM when it comes tog muscle building and recovery.  Most SARMS contain 10mg of Ostarine per serving, Recomp go one step further and provide 15mg per capsule. 


S-23 - This compound is brand new to Pro-hormones.co.uk, but has been used for a number of years for its ability to not only increase muscle & decrease fat, but for its libido enhancing benefits, so if you are looking for a product that has minimal side effects with maximum results S-23 could very well be the one for you ! 


A typical doseage for S23 would be 10mg daily, Epichem ups the anti one again with a healthy 15mg per capsule serving size.  


RECOMP can be used by males of females looking for maximum muscle gain


A typical cycle would be : 


Males - 2 capsules daily for 6-8 weeks 

Females 1 capsule daily for 6-8 weeks 


We would recommend a PCT cycle following your Recomp cycle, a good PCT would be CLOMADEX PCT









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