EPICHEM HARD ( MK-2866 ) * USA *

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Epichem HARD ( MK-2866 ) or Ostar ine as it is sometimes known is possibly one one the best selling SARMs.  


What does HARD do?


HARD is by far Epichems  most popular SARM, used for both cutting and bulking cycles.  HARD can enhance everyone’s results, no matter the goal.


HARD users can expect an improved physique on cycle as well as higher recovery rates and increases in both muscle tissue and fat loss.  It’s absolutely ideal to take  either a bulking or cutting cycle; Osta Max really is a perfect addition to your cycle.

Who should take Osta Max?


Men and women over the age of 21.


HARD is very versatile in that both males and females can use it for gaining lean muscle mass, men are advised to take 2 capsules daily for upto 8 weeks, women are advised to take 1 capsule daily for the same amount of time.  


We don’t advise HARD for anyone under the age of 21, as it can hinder natural hormone production and may cause unwanted side effects such as reproductive issues and difficulty returning hormone function back to a normal level.


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