The Evolution of Pro-Hormones

The Evolution of Pro-Hormones

11th Jan 2019


Prohormones have been available on the market now since the 1980’s and have been a staple addition to a lot of peoples supplement regime.

Like anything over the years some good products have come and gone due to changing laws, due to price, and sometimes good products sadly become discontinued for no real reason at all.

For many years has been at the forefront of prohormone distribution, enabling YOU to get fantastic results from our exclusive brands such as German Pharma, BioArmour, Pure Labs & Black Dragon.

We have seen the industry and laws change a lot over the years, a lot of companies & brands have come and gone, but our mission has not changed to provide YOU with the best possible product at the best possible price.

The down side to a lot of Prohormones as any user will tell you is the potential for side effects. Some companies will include silly amounts of methylated ( Liver toxic ) ingredients into their supplements with a ‘more is better approach’ yes you will get good gains, but yes you will also suffer some terrible side effects, we do not want that.

"2018 is a new year and what we believe to be the new age in Prohormone use."

Do you want visible results with minimal side effects?

Do you want to use a product knowing that an over the counter PCT wil have you ready for your next cycle?

Do you want to run an 8 weeks Prohormone cycle knowing your liver values will not be affected?

We think we have the answer:


We have been working hard to ensure we bring you the BEST prohormone supplements available with the lowest risk of side effects.

We have developed 17 Products which will be launching on the website very soon which are all designed to give you THE best possible results with as little side effect as possible

• Fully non methylated Range

• Complete Transparancy on Formulas & doseages

• Full Cycle Advice & Support

Welcome to the New Age in Prohormone use!