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Why would I take them?

Prohormones (PH's) are a hardcore bodybuilding supplement used to rapidly increase muscle mass, strength and reduce body fat. Sometimes called designer steroids they are the most extreme bodybuilding supplement you can legally buy.
If you want the extra edge within the gym, and to look you could fight a Elephant, prohormones are the strongest supplements you can buy without rolling the dice of the illegal drug market.

Why we take the time to explain them?

We pride ourselves in our honest advice and fantastic customer care, but unfortunately we had to remove our phone number from our website as we had so many calls asking for advice about body building supplements, and it was stopping us from getting the orders packed and sent out. Don't worry we send you our phone number when you order from us, and we always have time for our customers.

Prohormones are a complicated supplement and we want you to get the best results, this means helping you protect yourself against any potential side effects and also educating you on how they work, how to take them and what are the best ones to suit your goals. We hope this article will tell you everything you need to know and you can decide if they are right for you. If they are, we will be busy doing our most important job, getting your orders packed and in the post!


How do they work?

Prohormones are inactive steroids that once consumed are subject to various enzymatic reactions processed within the liver to deliver the active and steroid like compound.

This is the main difference between them and the actual steroid equivalent. PH’s will covert into the active compound but because it is processed by the liver takes slightly longer to do this. However this is generally without compromise on the effects of the compound itself, in other words you can expect the same results as the anabolic versions with slightly less dramatic gains and side effects.

How do I take them?

Prohormones have what is known as a ‘half life’ and depending on the length of this half-life is when you will be advised to take a dosage of that particular compound. In pharmaceutical terms ‘half-life’ means the time required for the activity of a substance to lose one half its initial effectiveness. Most of our Prohormones have a half life of 6, 8 or 12 hours which mean we advise you to take them twice a day and evenly spaced apart. Some compounds can be taken up to three times a day but you should never exceed 3 pills of one compound a day.

Lots of our customers tell us they take them shortly before their workout for maximum benefit.

How do I minimise potential side effects?

All PH’s need on-cycle support (taken alongside your PH). This is not us just trying to sell you more stuff but for our conscience and your health.

Liver Protection

Prohormones are processed in the liver and to protect against the harmful enzymes that can cause liver damage you really need some level of liver protection. As a minimum requirement we recommend you take Milk Thistle.  

Milk Thistle can be found in most health food stores relatively cheaply and even if you don’t buy from us, you should take it as a minimum requirement.

Tudca & Nac is the more comprehensive protection but it is more expensive (it’s the Tudca that’s the expensive ingredient pushing up the price I am afraid).

Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Prostate Support
If you are taking the stronger compounds or stacking them together (two compounds at the same time) then there is also a risk of increased blood pressure, cholesterol and you may need to protect against kidney and prostate damage. In such cases we recommend cycle shield which is a much more comprehensive on cycle support formula.

If you are not buying your on cycle support from us, then here are the good ingredients you want yours to contain:

  • Milk thistle
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Saw Palmetto Extract

​Save yourself the faff and just buy Cycle Shield, as we say in my home town its proper dead good you know.

Joint Support
Taking dry compounds can dry out your joints. The rapid gains and increased strength training also add extra strain and one of the common side effects our customers tell us about is joint pain. We also recommend taking fish oils or for our more comprehensive protection Joint Protect.

This is to be conducted the day after the last androgen (PH) dosage, this is to help the body return to its natural homeostatic state before the cycle began and to raise NATURAL testosterone to protect against any suppression that may have occurred.

As PH's generally introduce lots of testosterone into your body then your natural production can be hugely suppressed and a PCT will help to restart your natural production and help you to maintain the gains from your cycle.

Estrogen production will also rise as your body tries to compensate and level the unusually high testosterone. An estogen blocker will help you avoid the negative side effects of to much Estrogen.

Post cycle may vary in time but generally to be safe we recommend 4 weeks followed by a break of all androgens. The general rule of thumb is your PCT should last as long as your cycle and then you should take a break of the same length. We also advise you do not complete more than 4-5 cycles per year.



What are the choices/types?

Pro-hormones work by increasing the body’s anabolic potential through various chemical interactions that take place regarding protein synthesis within the body. This leads to gains in strength, recovery and in some cases size and vascularity.

Cutting prohormones
Work by increasing vascularity and muscle hardness as well as decreasing water retention giving you that vein popping look. Whilst these are extremely effective for fat loss whilst retaining muscle tissue, the downside is that strength may suffer as a result although some people find that when taking this compound strength actually increases.

Bulking prohormones

Tend to do the opposite of cutting, providing massive bulk and gains in strength. They make muscles look full and expanded, they make those training stronger and increase the level of pump in the gym as well as giving great rates of recovery. Those who take bulking prohormones tend to feel that some fat loss is experienced also during this process however a lot less when comparable to taking cutting prohormones .

Are they legal?

Yes, in the UK the sale and distribution of prohormones are legal. Certain compounds have been banned in recent years, but we follow the changes in the law closely and our entire product range is always 100% legal. We also ship internationally.

A re they safe?

In short yes they are but only if you follow the instructions and take additional products to minimise their side effects. Taking compounds such as this can have long term repercussions if abused, long-term cycle supplementation has been linked to some illness as the compounds take an effect on the body.

We advise anyone taking these compounds to fully explore them and understand any potential side effects, and listen to their bodies.

What are the side effects?

Generally speaking prohormones are hepatotoxic, meaning that they will take a tax on the liver and evidently the kidneys, its advised to combat this only running short term cycles.

With the increase of metabolic reactions in the body some prohormone users have been associated with having higher cholesterol, as a result it can be said that some who take prohormones are at higher risk of cardiovascular system related symptoms.

On the lighter side of things, prohormone users have noted that due to the amount of training and reactions taking place in the body they may experience lethargy and some minor headaches, this usually dissipates a couple of weeks after the person has completed their post cycle and hormones have returned to normal function.

As for physical side effects, those who take compounds such as these have found that they are of increased risk of developing gynecomastia (gyno, bitch tits, moobs, man boobs), this is puffy tissue around the nipple area in men and exists due to the influx of hormones in the body which lead to an increased instance of estrogen whilst on cycle and shortly off cycle.

Some users have also noted that baldness can be accelerated due to the use of these compounds, especially if they have baldness genetically inherited from a parent they will find that they of an increased risk of developing this over terms of a prohormone cycle which will likely start with a receding of the hairline follicles on the head.

All these side effects can be managed by following the correct instructions. Stick to the recommended dosage and take on cycle and post cycle support. We also highly recommend you take a break between cycles and do not complete more than 4-5 cycles per year.

Which one is right for me?

Like most drugs, it really does vary from person to person, we all have a friend who should never be allowed to drink alcohol, and probably a few who are much more entertaining. We all react to drugs in different ways, the key is to learn what is right for you and pay attention to what your body is telling you. If taking prohormones turn you into a massive dickhead or you have some bad side effects, then stop taking them and try something else.

We advise that those under the age of 21 do not take any Prohormones as it can hinder natural testosterone production and you are still growing until you reach 21. I know this is a difficult thing to do if are under 21 but just be sensible and patient and wait until you are old enough to take them safely.

Generally we do not recommend Prohormones to Women. The natural testosterone levels present in women is generally much lower than in males and therefore the side effect can be greater. The side effects can include unwanted hair loss or growth, particularly facial hair, a deepening of the voice and even reproductive complications. Also the suppression of your natural testosterone can have a greater effect on women, therefore we do not advocate their use for women. The one exception to the rule is Hydroxybol, which as it is not a methylated compound and can be safe for women in low dosages.

We know many women bodybuilders do take illegal steroids and Prohormones despite the side effects and warnings, if you are in that camp, then please keep your dosage low and take a good quality PCT. Many women prefer to take SARMS which are a more natural alternative to Prohormones.

You may also see some of our prohormones under both the category of bulking and cutting, the reason for this it depends on your dosage, diet and training and many Prohormones can have positive effects on both goals.

For beginners
We recommend our beginners stack, this contains our best selling Prohormone EPI 20, and all the cycle support you will need. EPI 20 is a dry compound so not as hardcore as some of the wet compounds and has fewer side effects. Halodrol based products such as our Halo 25 are also great for beginners.


If you are bulking then you should combine your prohormone cycle with a general increase in calories and tailor your training regime to suit, in general this mean less cardio work and more strength and lifting. A high protein diet is also highly recommended for maximum muscle gains.

M-drol, and Androsbol are our best selling bulking prohormones.


If you are doing a cut then hopefully you already know you need to be in a calorie deficit and if your calorie cutting is extreme then you are going to have to live with some muscle loss. Prohormones can drastically limit this muscle loss and help you to burn more fat and give you that vascular look.

The prohormones we recommend for cutting are Epistane, Trenavar and Halodrol. Experienced users can also use Megatren, which is a combination of two great Prohormones.

Advanced Users

Experienced users can combine different prohormones (stack them together). You do not need to be a scientist to realise this can lead to even greater gains but also an increased likelihood of experiencing side effects. In short if you are doing this take better and more comprehensive on cycle support and also considering stacking your PCT in a similar way.

Our strongest compounds are DMZ and Megatren and if you really want to go for it our M-drol and EPI stack are the most popular compounds our customers stack together.