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Vasopump - 70 Servings

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Product Description

Want a stimulant-free pre-workout that will cause AMAZING pumps, ENHANCED recovery and an overall IMPROVED performance?

Enter Pure Labs VASOPUMP!

The old (yet amazing) product is gone and has been replaced by something even better! The all new Pure Labs vasopump is here!

The all new Pure Labs Vasopump Contains an extremely potent active vasodilator to enhance the blood flow to your muscles and to increase your natural mental performance so that you can train for longer, harder and better than ever before.

Arginine Silicate;

This supplement is deprived from the amino acid arginine, as an amino acid arginine has shown noticeable evidence for increasing cardiovascular function. It does this by dilating the blood vessels within the body known as arterioles, this widening causes to an improved gaseous exchange meaning more blood can travel around your body within a short space of time. The noticable increase in blood flow leads to many benefits during training namely an increased PUMP, breathing and recovery!

But that's not just it, this arginine has undergone a process known as silication. In this process the arginine is patented to avoid any wastage by the body, in some supplements such as this some of the potency is lost due to the process of digestion. Silication protects this meaning that the high quality arginine will get to work faster and better than vs normal arginine supplements. 


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  1. Awesome pump

    Posted by finlay knox on 10th Nov 2017

    Ran while on pretty much zero carbs, had been feeling flat, chasing a non existent pump with no joy and was after something without oodles of caffeine as I train evening time and normally found caffeine heavy products screw with my sleep.
    On just 1 scoop 30 mins before I trained the pump was awesome, the target muscle felt full and the pump lasted through a full workout. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an awesome pump without the caffeine jitters

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