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What is it, What does it do?

Very similar to the compound Dianabol, a compound often described as "the most potent oral anabolic agent".

M-Drol closely resembles the above mentioned compound, it is methylated meaning that it has a 17a-methyl group but also a methyl group at 7a position, greatly increasing both the androgen receptor affinity and the anabolic effects.

M-DROL is a VERY strong compound for adding Mass in the fastest time possible, it is not uncommon to gain 7lbs of solid mass in as little as 7 days. M-Drol and is NOT for beginners, the compound causes massive strength and weight gain, those who take M-Drol should be looking to gain size and mass off-season or wish to push through the plateau they may have find themselves in with regards to size and strength.

Who should take it?

Males over the age of 21 looking to gain muscular size & Strength 

We also advise that those under the age of 21 do not take this product. 

How to take it?  

The recommended is 10mg-20mg a day best split in 2 dosages throughout the day. Do not exceed 20mg a day ( 2 capsules ) 

This dosage would suit an advanced user, this is not advised for beginners.

Due to the half life of the compound, you should split the daily dose into two, for example take your first capsule in the morning alongside your on cycle support and take your second capsule in the evening alongside your on cycle support.

M-Drol should be ran for no longer than 4 weeks, followed by a 4 Week PCT.  

A typical cycle would be : 

Weeks 1 - 4 

1-2 Capsules M-Drol Daily 

2-4 Capsules Milk thistle daily 

Weeks  4 - 8 2 Capsules Clomadex daily 

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  1. Mass at a price!

    Posted by Morgan Gibbs on 28th Dec 2017

    Ok so five days in and there's not a huge difference.
    Pumps are huge though so reps are down but strength is up slightly.
    I have low test anyway so wasn't expecting tons vut there is a difference for sure!

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