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Sport Asylum Mental Muscle 60 caps

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Product Description

Sport Asylum Nutrition Mental Muscle - 10mg MK and 10mg Ostarine

This Product is a mix of products MK-677GH+ and Ostarine


What is MK-677 GH+ ?

MK is not so much a SARM but a growth hormone secretagogue, this means that those who take it will notice the same effects of taking growth hormone. The effects of growth hormone on the body are plentiful, expect increased size, muscle and injury recovery, REM sleep and hunger.

MK-677 GH+ is an orally active growth hormone secretagogue, mimicking the GH stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin. It has been demonstrated to increase the release of, and produces sustained increases in plasma levels of several hormones including growth hormone and IGF-1, but without affecting cortisol levels.

Who should take it?

We do only advise mk-677 to men due to its effect on growth hormone and IGF-1 levels within the bloodstream.

We also advise that those under the age of 21 do not take this product as it can hinder natural hormonal production and may cause issues and unwanted side effects such as trouble reproducing and returning hormonal function back to a normal level.

What is Ostarine?

Ostarine falls under the class of being a SARM

SARM is short for Selective androgen receptor modulator, this means that they regulate the amount of activity that take place in your androgen cell, which are the cells within the body responsible for nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. 

When these SARMS attach themselves to androgen receptors they allow for the maximum potential of that cell to be explored further then its current capability, enabling for better activity within the cell and an overall better performing muscle skeletal tissue. 

Ostarine in particular has also has a lot of noted research on it for the strengthening of tendons and ligaments within the skeletal system as well as heightening bone density over time, meaning a better stronger self!

Who should take it?

Those looking for a physical edge whether it be to increase strength and lean mass, fat loss specific goals or even recomping, Ostarine is the SARM for you.

Ostarine is by far one of the most popular SARM's on the market , it has been used by many in both cutting and bulking cycles, whether it be standalone or stacked with a prohormone/probolic, there is no reason why ostarine cannot be used by everyone. 

Those who take Ostarine can expect an improved physique on cycle, they can also expect higher recovery rates and increased muscle tissue and fat loss.

Does it Require Cycle support?

No, Mental muscle is not methylated therefore there is no need for an on cycle, however it is anecdotally accepted for cycles that are of a prolonged duration or consist of a high dosage.

Does it Require a PCT?

Yes this is due to SLIGHT suppression in the user's natural testosterone may occur but this can easily be combatted by taking a standard Testosterone booster such as Pure Labs DAA


Product Reviews

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  1. Favourite SARM

    Posted by Nick on 1st Aug 2018

    Definitely notice an improvement in my body composition, endurance and joints when using this.

  2. Mentale muslce

    Posted by levi Caufijn on 18th Jul 2017

    Ik used this product as pct with clomadex , to keep The strengt gainz , i also feel more happy, so are my joints and i recover quiker , Plus my own testosteron came back in 3 days after shut down because of The cycle.

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