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Gird List
  • Lean and Dry Stack

    Become Lean and Shredded with this stack! Tren X Tren X is a brand new formula brought to you by German Pharmaceuticals containing two great ingredients chosen to give you everything you need to gain lean muscle mass...

  • German Pharmaceuticals Stanodrol - 60 Capsules

    German Pharmaceuticals Stanodrol 200mg What it does?   This compound is perfect for a beginner who's just starting training and wants something that will give them that competitive edge in fat loss, the key with...

  • 11-OXO

    11 - OXO For experienced users who look to get the most extreme gains out of their cycles, 11-OXO is the perfect prohormone to stack along with any other product in the German Pharmaceuticals range, while new users can take...

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