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German Pharmaceuticals RAD-140 - 60 caps 5mg (Testolone)

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Product Description

German Pharmaceuticals RAD140 (Testolone) - 5mg

What is it, What does it do?

Rad140 has been shown to have a greater anabolic effect than testosterone, giving greater muscle gains; but a lower androgenic effect, which means less side effects. When combined with testosterone, it amplifies its anabolic effects; but reduced its androgenic effects. This indicates that RAD-140 can make testosterone more effective at muscle building while making it less likely to cause unwanted side effects such as prostate enlargement.

RAD-140 has a 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio as compared to testosterones 100:100. This means that while it is nearly as anabolic as testosterone, its is nowhere near as androgenic, which is a good thing as most of the side effects from testosterone come from the androgenic effects. 

RAD-140 has been studied for its neuroprotective effects, with indications that it could prevent brain and nerve cell death and injury - it is being considered as a possible treatment for Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative diseases.

Rad140 is a Selective androgen compound which will aid in increasing protein synethesis and androgen activity. The compound is commonly used to help increase strength and endurance, making it perfect for performance based athletes rather than those aesthetically minded.

Who should take it?

We do only advise RAD140 to men due to affinity of anabolic ratio with regards to testosterone production therefore women would not be advised to take this compound.

We also advise that those under the age of 21 do not take this product as it can hinder natural testosterone production and may cause issues and unwanted side effects such as trouble reproducing and returning testosterone back to a normal level.

How to take it?  

Although research on this is mixed, the general recommended dosage of RAD140 for many is 10-25mg a day, this is best split into two-five dosages to ensure that the compound remains fully active in your system and the full benefits are achieved.

RAD-140 seems to have a dose respondent effect, with increasing doses, increasing it’s effectiveness.

Does it require Cycle Support?

As the product is unmethylated for it to be active it will evidentially not require any cycle support however it is anecdotally accepted that for high doses/long cycles a small cycle support is advised such as a milk thistle.

Post Cycle

It is not mandatory to run a PCT with RAD140 if you run your cycle under 6 weeks at 1-2 caps a day however we would still recommend using a testosterone booster such as Pure DAA. If you stacked RAD140 with another compound and/or ran it for an extended period of time we recommend using an advanced hormonal recovery agent such as the Ultimate PCT or the Flex-a-Dex


Product Reviews

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  1. Never receive my order of rad140

    Posted by JACQUES MELAIMI on 3rd Aug 2018

    Despite all my messages for chasing my order I never received it! Prohormone is not an honest company!

  2. Working the best for me

    Posted by Carlos on 20th Jul 2018

    I have used some prohormones and sarms before with some kind of side effects as cholesterol or gyno synthoms but it didnt happen with rad 140. May be you could need a prolactin blocker as B6. It increased my streght a lot from the first day. Really good pumps and got some lean pounds. VERY GOOD PRODUCT.

  3. Didn't know what to expect, but........

    Posted by Matt on 22nd Jan 2018

    Well I have only used PHs a couple of times in the past and they never played well on my stomach so I thought I would give a SARM a go. As I have only used them at 20mg per day for just over a week there isn't much to tell. However I am starting to feel tighter and my weight has gone up by a little under 1kg with out trying to cram in massive amounts of extra calories. There are no sides as far as I can tell and no apparent strength increase (Yet). I'm not interested in aesthetics but strength as I power lift, so if I see any strength increase or improved recovery time i'll probably give another update at the end of cycle.

  4. vey good

    Posted by Marko Domazet on 23rd Jul 2017

    noticable strrngth increase, but endurance is really great

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