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German Pharmaceuticals Androstebol - 60 Capsules

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Product Description

German Pharmaceuticals Androstebol 3mg

What it does? 

 Androsetebol is by far our strongest compound and is NOT for beginners, the compound causes massive strength and weight gain, those who take androstebol should be looking to gain size and mass off-season or wish to push through the plateau they may have find themselves in with regards to size and strength.

Do not let the low 3mg dosage fool you, that is all you need to get the gains you want!

What is it and How does it effect you?

 A precursor to the Bolasterone, a compound often described as "the most potent oral anabolic agent".

Androstebol resembles the old ph M1T, meaning that it has a 17a-methyl group but also a methyl group at 7a position, greatly increasing both the androgen receptor affinity and the anabolic effects.

those who take androstebol should Expect huge strength gains and monster like muscle gains, this is not a PH for beginners and we do not recommend running extended cycles on this compound!

Who should take it?

 As the compound is a derivative of DHT which is responsible for muscle and skeletal tissue growth as well as testosterone production it is advised that only males take this product as females may suffer from unwanted side effects due to the sudden influx of DHT within the body. These side effect can include unwanted hair loss or growth, a deepening of the voice and even reproductive issues, for this reason we do not advocate the use of androstebol for women.

We also advise that those under the age of 21 do not take this product as it can hinder natural testosterone production and may cause issues and unwanted side effects such as trouble reproducing and returning testosterone back to a normal level.

How to take it?  

The recommended is 6mg a day best split in 2 dosages throughout the day.

This dosage would suit an advanced user, this is not advised for beginners.

Due to the half life of the compound, you should split the daily dose into two, for example take your first capsule in the morning alongside your on cycle support and take your second capsule in the evening alongside your on cycle support.

Protecting yourself

There is a full list of potential side effects on our FAQ page, we suggest you take the necessary precautions for all potential side effects.

As Androstebol is more hepatotoxic than other compounds, we would highly recommend using Pure Labs Cycle Shield to give you a full liver support, while protecting your prostate and helping your blood pressure.

Post Cycle

You will need to run a full PCT with this supplement.

We suggest using The Ultimate PCT, alternatively you can run the following stacks

Clomadex / Pure DAA

Clomadex / TestaFlex

6-oxo / Pure DAA

6-oxo / TestaFlex

Androstebol is a strong pro-hormone so we would highly recommend using an advanced hormonal recovery agent such as the Ultimate PCT or the Flex-a-Dex.


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  1. Don't be lazy it will work

    Posted by Russian bear on 6th Aug 2018

    Guys this stuff is amazing I have used this many many times to get past plateaus it's not all about the pill you have to put your ass into that gym and stop being lazy and eat 9 chicken breast and rice everyday that's what I do to stuff is amazing good job German Pharmaceuticals keep going if you're not going to put in the work it's not going to work!

  2. Really?

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2018

    Just finish 3rd week. Nothing happened. Don’t understand why some of you rate it 5 stars? Waste of money. I did use all OCT and will do PCT but didn’t notice any shutdowns etc.

  3. No PCT

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2018

    I've used it for 1 week but had to get off due to a drugtest, did not use a PCT. Was a little suppresed, was not horny at all, gym session were not bad though. After 1 week i was back to normal, a few tips i have is to have a lot of sex and lift heavy weight, it does wonders for you test ;)

  4. Headache

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2018

    Been using it for 1 little over 1 week. No diffrence at all so far, do not take this on a empty stomach, you will get a bad headache.

  5. Epic

    Posted by Ghost on 18th May 2018

    Happy days with it mix with test max results train hard eat well the gains are really good

  6. This stuff is awesome

    Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2018

    This...ph...is ....crazy!!! Do not let the 3mg fool you this is very strong! I stacked this with mdrol and after 2-3 weeks people were looking at me very differently in the gym!

  7. holy craph

    Posted by russian bear on 27th Dec 2017

    put the pills in a baggy and thre them away on accident but four days i took them great strentgh will order again

  8. gainz

    Posted by ben woodlief on 21st Dec 2017

    have not tried it yet but exited waiting for my pct

  9. Worth getting

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2017

    Half way through cycle and pretty happy so far. Beem struggling for years to find a replacement for super dmz, that shit was the shit! Not the same pump but this is pretty good. Much better than m-drol etc.

  10. Great product great gains

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2017

    only downfall is my cholesterol increased to 300 from 165. First month of 4 caps a day went from 165 to 239. 2nd month went to 6 caps a day. Cholesterol went to 300. But i had awesome gains and body fat disappeared.

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