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Us at Pro-Hormones personally try and test every product before we consider stocking it.

This way, we can assure we only supply our customers with the greatest selection of sports supplements & accessories.

Fat Burners, You want em ? We got em ? From The Hardcore Strongest Fat Burners on the planet such as Pure Labs T6 Black, T9 Revolution, firebombs and T5 platinum!

To the Milder Thermogenic's such as ECA Burn, Grenade, and Lipo Shred

We also have a wide range of diuretic and carbohydrate binding supplements which will help aid in your weight loss, such as the diuretix and glycolog! 

At Pro Hormones.co.uk we stock a wide range of the latest Fat Burners to suit all individuals.  If you are confused about which fat burner is right for you then please contact us here (click)

Gird List
  • Absolute Nutrition Water Shed - 60 Tablets

    Rid of Excess Water If you take your exercise and supplementation seriously, water retention is something that just seems to go along with it. When the water's out-- vascularity is in! Who wants to look like a human...

  • Animal Cuts - 42 Packs

    You want cuts?  Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition is what the majority have depended on when being lean alone simply wouldn’t suffice. The earliest of editions to the Animal line, Cuts did for your typical fat...

  • CTD Labs Diuretic Extreme - 80 Capsules

    Reduce excess water naturally and safely Diuretic Extreme is clinically formulated to significantly help reduce excess water retention from beneath the skin, which makes you look more detailed and defined. Diuretic Extreme...

  • Muscle Geek - Roxidex

    Muscle Geek Nutrition is a brand that cuts no corners, basing their philosophy on helping their customers to supplement smart. Their latest product, RoxiDex, emulates this to the fullest by being the ultimate supplement to...

  • Muscle Pharm Shred Sport

    Muscle Pharm SHRED SPORT MusclePharm® Shred Sport™ is the next generation of weight loss and energy that utilized safe, effective, and researched ingredients to burn fat, provide intense energy and remarkable...

  • Neutra Labs Thermo Shred 90 Capsules
    USD29.30 USD13.31

    The easy way to burn fat! Neutra labs presents their first ever fat burner Thermo Shred! Neutra labs have combined the most effective fat metabolising ingredients in order to supplement a calorie deficit that can lead to...

  • Neutra Stack

    2 Great Products 1 Great Price

  • PharmaTech Labs T5 Advanced - 60

    T5 THERMOGENIC COMPLEX CAFFEINE Caffeine is quite possibly the most studied supplement when it comes to its stimulatory effects, one of the safest supplements on the market (when dosed correctly). As the base of virtually...

  • Pure Labs Diuretix - 90 Capsules

    Looking to achieve that grainy, dry look for an upcoming competition or photo shoot? If yes, then you will to happy to hear Pure Labs have proven themselves yet again with their BRAND NEW Diuretic formulation. Pure Labs are...

  • Pure Labs T5 Platinum - 60 Capsules

    HORDENINE Hordenine is a natural phenethylamine compound that occurs in different plants, notably barley grass.It is structurally related to the amino acid tyramine.  Methylation of tyramine creates N-methyltyramine...

  • Pure Labs T6 Black Revolution - 90 Capsules
    USD50.63 USD45.30

    THE REVOLUTION IN TOTAL APPETITE DESTRUCTION Amazing Energy Elevation! Metabolism Boosting Ingredients! Next Level Appetite Suppressant!   We all know that one person who just seems to be good at everything right?,...

  • Pure Labs T6 Black Tube - 30 Capsules

    THE REVOLUTION IN TOTAL APPETITE DESTRUCTION The nations favourite slimming tablet is back and better than ever. The original T6 Black formula created a huge stir in the markets, the endless weight loss success stories are...

  • Pure Labs T9 Extreme - 90 Capsules
    USD46.63 USD39.96

    With the reformulation of the original T6 BLACK to a state of the art appetite suppressant, came a gap in the line-up. The call for a hardcore fat burner that delivers a stronger energy boost, insane focus and a powerful...

  • Pure Labs T9 Extreme Tube - 30 Capsules

    With the reformulation of the original T6 BLACK to a state of the art appetite suppressant, came a gap in the line-up. The call for a hardcore fat burner that delivers a stronger energy boost, insane focus and a powerful...

  • Turbo Cuts

    Introducing Pure Labs Turbo Cuts! Turbo Cuts is designed to suppress appetite, control cravings and increase energy like no other!   Brand new to the Pure Labs lineup, this is the fat fighting big brother to the ever...

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