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Episterone 11-OXO x 2

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Product Description


What it does? 

 This compound is perfect for a beginner who's just starting training and wants something that will give them that competitive edge in fat loss, the key with episterone is its ability to lower cortisol levels, meaning less stubborn fat in hard to rid areas such as the abdominal muscles. It is also perfect to combine with any pro-hormone to gain maximum results and potency. 

What is it and How does it effect you?

EPISTERONE sometimes referred to as 11-OXO converts to 11-ketotestosterone, this compound when active in the body can help limit cortisol receptors present in fatty adipose tissue, this compound has been proven to help aid in the ridding of stubborn fat similar to substances such as yohimbine without causing any activation of antagonist receptors within the Central Nervous System as most stimulant fat burners do, meaning fat burning at the highest level without having to worry about the central nervous system. The product has also shown to effect muscle hardness, increasing muscle mass and decreasing present fat tissue around it, making it an ideal compound for cutting or recomping. 

Who should take it?

 This compound is an ideal adaptive compound and can be used to improve general performance without having such an effect on testosterone and DHT levels within the body. For this reason we can advise Episterone to both men and women provided that the dosage is low enough to accommodate for the natural biological differences.

We do not advise the use of these compounds for anyone under the age of 21. 

How to take it?  

As this compound is a unmethylated the body can handle very high dosages, We would advise dosages up to 400mg a day for Men and 100-200mg for Women. 

Cycles of this compound are best run with another Pro-Hormone, Episterone can be run up to 12-16 weeks standalone and 8 weeks when stacked with any other compound. 

Does it require Cycle Support?

Episterone is unmethylated and has no side effects while increasing strength gains! Because of this, cycle support is not required on this product as it causes no strain on the liver. 

Does it Require PCT?

The compound is researched to have very little effect on natural testosterone  when taking standalone a PCT would not be required unless taken for an excessive amount of time (cycles upwards of 16 weeks) would may require a PCT however a natural test booster such as testaflex would be needed. 


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