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Us at Pro-Hormones personally try and test every product before we consider stocking it.

This way, we can assure we only supply our customers with the greatest selection of sports supplements & accessories.

Gird List
  • .SARM DUO STACK - Choose your Stack

    CREATE YOUR OWN Choose from a selection of German Pharmaceutical's COMPOUNDS and create your dream cycle. For information on each product, please visit the  category.


    Trenavol XT  By German Pharmaceuticals   Now in Stock Trenavol XT.  Believe the hype around Probolics, what you can expect with this compound :    With TRENAVOL XT, you can expect to make...

  • .German Pharmaceuticals Trenavar

    Lean Gains Powerhouse This is a compound similar to trenbolone. Unlike previous "tren", this one actually converts in the body to trenbolone. Previous "tren" PHs converted to the structurally similar - but markedly...

  • .Megadrol XT

    Megadrol XT By German Pharmaceuticals   Now in Stock Megadrol XT.  Believe the hype around Probolics, what you can expect with this compound :  Hard lean mass No estrogen conversion Fat loss due to anti...

  • Black Dragon DMZ Extreme - 60 Capsules

    There is nothing better for EXTREME Muscle! DMZ Extreme is a designer anabolic that uses Azine-Bond Technology. It's a complex molecular structure that is unlike everything else on the market. DMZ Extreme has been...

  • BioArmor War Machine - 60 Capsules

    Conquer The Iron and Enslave Weakness! You have just stubled upon one of the most hardcore mass builders on the planet, Methylstenbolone with Max LMG. While other prohormones give you mass and strength, only one will make...

  • BioArmor The Exorcist - 60 Capsules

    Train Like A Demon You feel a surge running through your veins. Your blood starts to boil as your body anticipates the growth you will experience. You are, POSSESSED. Stronger, more focuced with an insane thirst...

  • .German Pharmaceuticals LGD - 60 Capsules

    German Engineered LGD LGD by German Pharmaceuticals is a nonsteroidal, oral selective androgen receptor modulator which binds to the androgen receptor with high affinity and selectivity. It demonstrates anabolic activity in...

  • BioArmor Iron Dragon - 60 Capsules
    USD54.24 USD47.46

    Synergetic Hardening Power Combining the effectiveness of halodrol and epistane, Iron Dragon breathes new life into your body. Harder, denser muscle fibers. Stronger, more raw power and strength of a legend. You become, the...

  • Turbo Cuts

    Introducing Pure Labs Turbo Cuts! Turbo Cuts is designed to suppress appetite, control cravings and increase energy like no other!   Brand new to the Pure Labs lineup, this is the fat fighting big brother to the ever...

  • PharmaTech Labs T5 Advanced - 60

    T5 THERMOGENIC COMPLEX CAFFEINE Caffeine is quite possibly the most studied supplement when it comes to its stimulatory effects, one of the safest supplements on the market (when dosed correctly). As the base of virtually...

  • Pure Labs T9 Extreme - 90 Capsules
    USD47.46 USD33.90

    With the reformulation of the original T6 BLACK to a state of the art appetite suppressant, came a gap in the line-up. The call for a hardcore fat burner that delivers a stronger energy boost, insane focus and a powerful...

  • Pure Labs T6 Black Revolution - 90 Capsules
    USD51.53 USD36.61

    THE REVOLUTION IN TOTAL APPETITE DESTRUCTION Amazing Energy Elevation! Metabolism Boosting Ingredients! Next Level Appetite Suppressant!   We all know that one person who just seems to be good at everything right?,...

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